Don's Latest Video

// Out of the Bucket - YouTube

Don needs some Fugazi playing in the background.

Minor threat Larry minor threat

You’re so HC, Chris.

Don hired 3 guys…cool, he must be watching Kevin’s videos lol

Any word on Don “Juan” lately? Doesn’t everyone miss is videos for one reason or another?

I don’t know why Mike thinks thats a recent vid? He released one 3 days a go. The one above is April/May this year.
Here’s the most recent one…

I love seeing him in that van, it brings back memories of when I was still THINKING about starting a WC biz, Don’s videos really played a huge role in starting my little window cleaning business, whereas Chris, Alex, and Kevin are playing a huge role in making my window cleaning business EXPLODE.

all i can say is creepy

Good to see Don back and looking healthy! I think Chris and Alex should get an interview with Don for an episode of Nation!!!


I like Don’s videos too, and respect the man’s selflessness. He truly wants to help people, and that’s worth gold these days.

I second that!

I’m not sure how selfless he is Kev. Several times in his videos he talks about trying to figure out how to charge for what he’s giving away. I’m not trying to bust his chops but I find very few people nowadays truly altruistic.
I do however find a difference between those trying to earn a buck of the next guy w/out giving back and those that are making money but still going out of their way to leave this industry better than they found it. Among the later is where I place you, Chris, Alex, and Don.

Check the date that Mike started this thread, Mr. Robinson.

Thx Tony

OOps didn’t see that. Jetcity “the reviver” :o


I stopped watching his videos after he made a video advising us to “not have sex on the job.”

After that one, I told myself to go read a book

on a side note, I love karl’s avatar. definitely looks like a carbon fiber, but I don’t know what pole it is.

It may be a Kite pole