Don't forget to rinse!

While a steady and thorough scrubbing technique via brush to glass is very important. I’ve found that a thorough and detailed rinse is just as important as the scrub.

Part of my learning curve with the water fed pole has been to use it during different climates. I’ve found that rinsing becomes even more important during hot weather to insure a quality finished window cleaning process.

For my scrubbing technique I always start with the frame of the window scrubbing it clean first, then I use an up and down motion covering a portion of the window (depending on size) working my way left to right on the glass itself. And then the all important rinse.

Sometimes I think I over do it on the rinse but I’d rather over do it than not. It may seem like a silly subject to some, however if you plan on using the water fed pole, developing a sure scrubbing technique and understanding the importance of a good rinse will be paramount in your efforts.

What scrubbing technique do you use?

Not silly at all Dwight, in fact I was about to post asking for some videos on WFP. I’ve had my WFP for a couple of months I believe and used it only twice so far, first time was a dream, french windows surrounding a chimney, by hand we are talking about an hours of work, with the WFP took me 15 mins and turned out great. Second time I realized that I suck dinosaur balls … house with frenchies again, and they were Pella windows, never worked on those before I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome and had to redo several windows by hand, but customer was really happy.

I really need to learn, and I was hoping to get that knowledge combining the advice given here with lots of practice.

Hopefully someone will have a camera, patience and some spare time :slight_smile:

Yeah we need a WFP show… Whos up for it?

A scrubbing technique video is in need. I have one that is of poor quality that I use on my website that was made just to introduce customers to how it works in general.

Chris, again you are being summoned?

What do you have in mind?

A series. Anything WFP. Techniques, tricks, uses… the sky is the limit really.

Anyone up for it let either Chris or myself know.