Door Hanger Advice

Hey guys, I had a designer make a door hanger for me, but ive been seeing a lot of door hangers having inscentives , deals, etc. Please give me advice on what to add or change to make it a succesful and effective hanger im going to order like 5000.

That looks really nice! To be honest with you I’ve only done one campaign and that was EDDM so I’m not really qualified to comment on this, but… (preparing to comment on something WAY outside my area of expertise please treat the following opinion with caution)

I took one of Chris’ suggestions from his marketing blueprint and put a “10 windows for $X” on the front. It wasn’t really a discount, just a way to give people an idea of how much it costs without them having to go through the effort of calling for an estimate. I feel that it helped, but I’m not sure it would be worth redesigning your hanger? Honestly, I think a lot of what defines a successful design is how much is stands out. If your design copies elements of other designs, you may find that the effectiveness of that element becomes diluted.

Hoped that helped. Love your logo!

We offer $25 off their first service. It’s a numbers game, but door hangers have been working great for us.