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For those that have been successful with door hangers, can you point me in the right direction? I am making these myself to save money. Thank you

Are you also pricing that way to make sure you don’t get a lot of money?

It’s more of a way to get them in the door. Most of the places I’m marketing to are 35 windows and up.

It looks good. I would leave off all the BBB and Home Advisor stuff. Maybe use bonded and insured instead, if you are. To me 15% off is a lot. $199 is 30-35% off for me. I use a 3 day rain guarantee, 7 seems like a lot. A problem with giving too big a discount to get them in the door is that when you try to bring them up to speed, cost wise they go “WTF Jack why the huge increase”. and then they look for the next cheapo guy that comes by.


I basically only do full jobs, with the exception of people that I’ve gotten to buy into monthly exterior maintenance cleaning ($55 for 15 panes, $25 for each additional 10 panes, same windows every month)

So when I made my door hangers I kept it simple. I made it one package, and I designed 3 of them. $200 (for small houses) $300, and $400. Tax included, screen cleaning included. That was 4-5 years ago. I did even numbers with tax included because I like people to know what they are paying and I don’t feel right about trying to use $199 to “get” them. That’s just my personal style and I wanted to explain the choice, no shade to anybody who prices that way, I know that’s just how things are done! I don’t do tax included anymore because that’s an unnecessary difficulty for book keeping, but I still keep my numbers rounded.

Biggest mistake I made was putting how long I’ve been in business the way I did, I couldn’t use them anymore after the first year, and I was busy enough that I never really got a chance to utilize them. I did get the first job I ever put them out for and that covered the printing cost (design was courtesy of my wife who is a graphic designer), so I considered that a success and never really pushed them after that because I was a busy one man show. This year I will probably print new ones because I have an employee, I won’t change much else except I’ll probably remove the picture of me (since my employee does a lot of the cleaning) I’ll add a picture of windows/house to the front probably. I like the minimal style and my little cartoon character I drew, but a good photo can really help sell. We’ll see.

My thought process was that I would eyeball the size of the house and use the most applicable one, erring on the side of quoting too high. I have a lot of small homes in my area in a lower end market (Midwest 25k people in town), so my current minimum (with the exception of the odd old lady) is $150 for exterior work and $250 for interior and exterior work.

I definitely think you should avoid trying to get $50 costumers, if that’s the option they pick you’re not likely to ever get them hooked on a higher package, it will only be annoying. Aim high!

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@austinpach2014 we have door hangers here at the wcr print department. We have ready made templates that you can edit for free with our online builder. Door Hangers | Printing Services | WCR - WindowCleaner Print
Let me know if you have any questions!

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Good points. I’ll see how this round goes, and may adjust the pricing on the next batch. Thanks for the pointers

I like that, I inititally wrote in the quotes on the back, but it just took too long. I do like the idea of maybe printing a couple different versions with different pricing to adjust to the house. Thanks for your in depth reply!

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Just $50 more for adding 20 insides?
Will you clean my windows please? That’s cheap. Careful you don’t cut yourself out of too much money.

Hey Ike, I like the simplicity and design on yours, by the way

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I love these, I haven’t used door hangers in years but I like the idea of “instant quote” and the blank spaces.

If I were to use door hangers again I would make something like these but using the services I can provide virtually an instant price for:
House Wash
Exterior WC
In/Out WC


I was wondering if anybody thinks my door hanger would be effective , or If i need to add some enticing discount or pricing on the door hanger as many people do .

some indication of price would help

What like a generic price for a normal sized home? , what have you usually had success with when it comes to hangers?

Hi @SaguaroShine, I am with the WCR print department!

I would suggest making your logo a bit bigger, brand recogniton is very important. Everything else on the door hanger looks great.

An alternative to set pricing is leaving a spot on the back for estimates. That way you can price them out on a case by case basis and leave them at each house instead of being locked into pricing. We have an example of the estimate backer we use here, on our website.

A coupon is a good idea. It doesn’t have to be a crazy deal but you do want something to entice new customers. You can do something like a percentage (10%) or dollar amount ($25 or $50) off for first time customers, but put a minimum amount that they need to spend in the fine print. Putting something like limited time offer also gives you the freedom of not setting an expiration date while still putting some pressure on them to give you a call. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions!