Door Hanger Input Please

I am getting ready to order my first 1000 door hangers. Thinking about having this on one side and another one on the back of the same door hanger…it’s only a couple of dollars more to do it this way.

Please let me know if it works, typo’s, etc…

The “We also offer:” section, I wonder if there are better word choices for what we offer.

that phrase is confusing. “pardon the glare, it’s time to get your windows cleaned” which is it? is it time to get your windows clean or are they so clean the glare at you?


Yes, I see what you mean.

Thanks leavingnc for the input.

Here are both door hangers, would you mind taking a look at them I would like to get these ordered tonight.

I like the second one and it would be cool if you could add the house from the first one vs the clocks. Another suggestion you might consider, make your phone number and web address bigger (if possible).

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Thanks, I’ll give your suggestion a try and post it here.

I am going to have both printed on opposite sides of the same door hanger. Doing this only cost $6 more.

Let me give your suggestions a shot and see what it looks like.

Not sure about “Clean Hardwater Deposits”.
Seems like odd phrasing, or maybe it’s just me (also Hard Water not Hardwater).


Do you include screen cleaning standard? If not, then you might wish to put that in with repair and rebuild.

Nice layout overall!

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@clevermonkey is on to something… the reason it sounds weird is because grammatically your list is inconsistent. Each point is a noun, but the hard water one is a verb. Change it to “Hard water stain removal” or something similar.


I charge $1 for screen cleaning… But, Screen Repair / Rebuild is separate service.

The original design is from the Members Download section of WCRA, I just did some photoshop to it.

Thanks for catching the Hard Water typo…“Hard Water Stain Removal” works for me.

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I just noticed the sunburst isn’t aligned correctly.

Just fixed it.

The blue one is very monochromatic. This makes it look dull and drab. It badly needs some color. The complement of blue is orange. The right orange, used well, will add some punch to this.


Just curious about your pricing.

$99 for 14 exterior is $7.07 each
$189 for 20 exterior is $9.45 each

Your customers will do the math too; what will you tell them?


Tony_C Something like this?

The $99 price is Exterior only, up to 14 windows.
The $189 is In and Out, up to 20 windows.

In the main area that these door hangers will go to the average window count is between 13 and 22 glass surfaces (doors and window sets).
One house I’ve completed had 15 and the other was 19.

I’ve modified this one to show the price for 14 exteriors and 14 In&Outs. Does it read better? It raised the price for the In&Out a little. But, maybe it is a better comparison of price.

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What do you think? IMO, that is much better. I do think the text color is a bit too red and that an orange would look better. For some ideas about orange & blue, go search for a Denver Broncos helmet or just Google “Orange complement blue” and see what images come up. You might try choosing other colors for the text in your image editing program. Play around and see what happens.

Is the red in the text the same color as the red box around your phone number? If they aren’t, I would make them the same. Colors should either be the same or obviously different, not different shades of the same color. That gets confusing to the eye.


Let me understand… your charging 7.07 per pane of glass (exterior glass cleaned only)…

I’m just curious if I’m understand your pricing correctly.

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Most of the windows here have screens and most of them have to come out from the inside, unless you can flex the screen frame enough to get them out.

Yes, we don’t do pane pricing, so that picture you show would be one window.

For that price:
We brush all windows and window frames for dust and cobwebs.
We brush the screen, if we don’t think it will fall apart…washing is an additional price.
We also wipe down the window frames when detailing…we don’t do “factory new detailing”, just a wipe down.
We scrape paint specks, etc…
Mainly, we clean the exterior and try to stay under 8 minutes per window…for first time cleans this can be hard, as you know. Fiddling with the screens are a huge time-waster.
Does the price sound high to you for what we do?

Okay that makes more since so basically your charging $3 per pane and $1 for brushing the screens and wiping the frame (like in the pic)