Door Hangers for Store Fronts

Just curios if anyone has ever used door hangers for businesses. In my home city, there are some small (dowtown) type areas. Now in the pandemic age, im not thinking door to door sales pitches are gunna be a good idea. So if i went out at night and hung door hangers on maybe the service entrance of a business, or even the main entrance. What do you guys think?

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I’ve done it, I slide post cards in the doors or wedge them in… it’s gotten some storefront work for me. I try to get out a couple hundred each week, just blanket an area you want business repeatedly


I just started doing this about two weeks ago. It’s been working out great. I’ve gotten 4 residential jobs from store owners from the storefront flyers. I leave my house about 430-5am and I pass out storefront flyers till 7am…ish. It hasn’t exactly helped with building my storefront routes but it has definitely been worth its weight in exposure. I believe I’ve passed out about 300 flyers/postcards & ive gotten 4 jobs from it “so far”. I believe it’s worth continuing.