Door Hangers vs. Postcards

Hey Guys.
So I’m a solo guy and have been in the industry for about a year now. Looking to really make a splash to end Summer at the end of August and going into the fall months. Starting out I have used door hangers for the majority of my advertising. Now that I work more its harder to commit as much time pounding the pavement and hoping for at least one call back for a whole neighborhood. I have definitely fallen into the working but less advertising trap. To fight it I’m interested in doing Postcards but am worried about the success rate. I always figured people quickly throw away postcards, but if its a door hanger it spikes more interest. In your experience which is the better/more successful route. Thanks!

I have used postcards for gated communities with low return. That is not to say that they don’t work because they do, but with door hangers I put them out myself and can pick and choose which house I target. (Not everyone has customer potential). It is a numbers thing; the more you get the door hanger or postcard out the more chances you have of landing jobs.
Just like the flyers you receive in the mail with thousands of businesses each year trying to get you as a customer, well, welcome to the pool of businesses looking to land that next customer. Exposure! Massive exposure! A few hundred isn’t enough. A few thousand at a time is getting you out there.
Look around at the most successful businesses in your area, region, state - who are they and how often do they advertise (gain exposure to you). As an example, when you think of a burger do you think of Bill’s Hamburger Emporium on the edge of town, or do you think of McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s? Probably one of the big three, and why is that? Because of name recognition - get your name out there and they will come.