Door to door closing rate

My brother and I ( with help from a few friends from time to time) have passed out 8000 fliers. After all of that work we have received some calls but only a hand full of estimates. Our closing rate is around 80% so I know the prices are right but we just need more people to call.

Instead of waiting for them to call, I am considering going door to door. In the beginning I was uncomfortable with the idea because I know how I feel when people come to my home to sell. I am not one of those angry guys that freaks out just because someone put their knuckles on my door, I just truly never care to purchase what they are selling. On the other hand, I am realizing this may be our only salvation to our investment. My brother has been all for it and after reading into it, I am becoming more comfortable with the idea of cold calling. I have read some great tips and I fell ready for the challenge. My only question at this time is what is your success rate for door to door window cleaning sells? It would be nice to have some numbers to compare myself to so I will know how to tweak my pitch.

Any other tips are welcome as well as your numbers. You can never learn too much. Thanks a lot.

good topic, when are you planning to go door to door. I think during the week 4-8 is probaly a good time.

do you plan on giving on the spot estimates or just setting up apointments??

We haven’t done it for a couple of years, but we usually did it between the hours of 4-7, but generally just for an hour at a time.

Every time we went out we got a job.

[QUOTE=JHorton;239411]My brother and I ( with help from a few friends from time to time) have passed out 8000 fliers. After all of that work we have received some calls but only a hand full of estimates. Our closing rate is around 80% so I know the prices are right but we just need more people to call. QUOTE]

… 8000 fliers and no return? Perhaps it’s not a great marketing piece. Perhaps you haven’t fliered the right areas. I tend to think that going door to door, with the same marketing to the same areas may not be the way to go. I only say this because I have been doing eddm postcards, 5000 - 7500 at a time and I always get 25 - 30 jobs. My closing rate is over 90% so maybe I’m priced too low, but I’m happy with working at
$60 / hr.

I have to agree with Mathew. 8000 with no calls is very strange by here has to be something wrong with your offer, the price or the area you are delivering to. Make some changes and keep at it.

Hi There,

This idea looks good to me. Door to door idea will prove to be useful. I personally feel around 4 -8 would be a good time.


That’s about right.

80% for us as well.

Thanks everyone. My Brother will start going door to door this Saturday in a different neighborhood than where we posted fliers. Hopefully we will have greater success in a more established area. As for me, I am out of town and will start when I get back on the 6th… I look forward to telling yall it was a successful mission, but I am still looking for your numbers of success. How man door do you knock on, and out of those that answer, how may buy your services?

Thanks again for your help and I am very grateful to be involved in an industry where everyone is helpful. Hopefully I will be the one guiding some day.

I was reading on another forum for pressure washing and the guy said for every 20-25 people he woud land a job

Sorry I overlooked this the first time. We will start in the mid afternoon and see where that takes us. I don’t mind staying out half a day knocking on doors and dropping off fliers for those who do not answer. I figure if the home owner is up for it, on the spot estimates is the way to go. This will allow them to make an informed decision immediately, and save us a trip. We may offer same day exterior service with WFP. The less we spend in gas, the more we put in our pocket.

I was finally able to go d2d today. My full time job kept me out longer that expected. Its funny how things go. The last couple of years, my day job was too slow to keep money in my pocket, so I Started up HHC Window Cleaning. Now I don’t have the time to apply myself.

Here is what went down today:
We went out for 2 hours. The first neighborhood home values were $350k-$500k. We only hit a few houses before running into someone on the HOA board. He quickly and kindly told us that we are not permitted to solicit in that neighborhood without a permit. Being it is Saturday, there was no way to obtain a permit, so we left. While in that area, people were answering , and although they did not want a quote at that time they were showing a little interest.

The second area was small, values $500k+. There were only three that answered, one house sitter and two teenagers.

Now to the last. Values were $180k-$250k.we hit more houses here than the other two by far. Very few were home and the ones that did answer, let us know right away they were not interested.

So now my question to you is, what is your most successful home value and do you have a broader demographic than just home value? My original thought was for my customers to be elder ladies, but I seem to get people of all ages male and female.

What are you giving them? A business card? flyer? postcard? Can you share it? What were you wearing when you went out (polo shirt with logo) ? Did you have sunglasses on ? Did you have a name tag with the business name on it?

When I do door to door, I focus mainly on how nice the home looks. If the home and property look very well maintained, I know that they take pride in it, and are more likely to spend money on making it look nice. This really goes across all other demographics. Obviously I’m not going to walk through a trailer park because some of them have a nice lawn. But the fact is, if its a smaller home, it’s going to cost them less to have the windows cleaned than if it were a big mansion.

So, I try to find neighborhoods where the majority of the homes are very well cared for. That way I don’t waste time driving around; I can get out and walk the street. But even in a very nice neighborhood, I don’t waste my time going up to a house that isn’t well cared for. Most likely, window cleaning just isn’t going to be a priority for them.

I gave them post-it note with my name and number on it. I was wearing flip-flops, my jeans with the least holes, a Metallica “Ride the Lightning” shirt and Bud Light hat. I don’t think too many people noticed the cigarette in my ear.

So this is what really happened before leaving I gave them a business card. I was wearing a polo with no logo and Dockers. My shirt was untucked because my wife claimed I looked like a sales man and not a working man with it tucked in. I did not want people to feel I was pressuring them to buy something from the moment they opened the door so I went with what my wife said.

I did not have a name tag or a company shirt, but it is something I m looking into. Should I get company shirts with names or is just the logo enough? And is the reaction better when wearing a company shirt?

Many people who are selling things door-to-door are completely honest and have a tough job. However, not all are, and some wish to do more than just to get you hopelessly addicted to infernally delicious cookies. Numerous door-to-door frauds are being documented nationwide, so the number of them active in many areas might be growing. Article resource: come look at individuals right now at each of our web site Installment Loans Online - Personal Money Network

This is a great topic! I used to do flyer drops and for every 1000 flyers received about 5-10 calls, and booked almost 90% of them. This year, since I am in a smaller city, there are less good (new and large) houses, so I have been door knocking so I can get a higher (denser…) success rate. Door knocking for 4 hour shifts, I on average book 5-6 appointments on the spot, and give out an additional 10 quotes or so…and honestly not many of them call back. Without being too “sales person type”, after you give the quote and they seem happy, start saying…so do you prefer weekdays or weekends…or mornings or afternoons…and really try to book the appointment on the spot. Even those who seem extremely interested, if they do not book on the spot, there is a slim chance they will call you and arrange an appointment themselves…make sure it’s always yourself (not the client) who is to do the next step in confirming the appointment. Sometimes I would like to say (after I give a quote), "If I could get your name.

door to door times: weekdays 4 or 5 until 8 is great. Weekends I would say between 11am and 8pm (but sometimes people are out during the afternoons).

…I could give you a call in a couple days and we could discuss this further". Any thoughts on trying to get their number, is it a good idea? THANKS