Door to door commercial sales

I was hoping I could get some feed back on door to door larger commercial sales work.
This winter when things were a little slower, I went through a few well populated business areas consisting of (corporate offices 1-4 stories) and put together some prices for exterior cleaning services for specific buildings. The front has a color flier highlighting my services and some horn tooting, (which by the way, thanks all who have shared on the subject of getting the attention of prospective clients)
On the back is an official quote to provide them a service.
Is it a bad idea to go back dressed in suit to meet the head of maintenance, introduce yourself and give him a quote he never asked for?

I added a juicy offer he (hopefully “he”, since it’s said the way to a mans heart is through his stomach) will hopefully appreciate. I’ll post it here later if you want to see it.

But what do you think? All advice is welcomed.

I think thats a great idea. Dressing up like that will only help.

I have heard not to dress above the person you are meeting. A maintenance person may be put off by a suit showing up. An Executive is a different story… who knows. Try it

dress however you feel the you look the best. when you know you look good your confidence goes way up. and when your confident you will be more successful.

i would do a shirt and tie for head of maintenance, full suit for executive

I would suggest a slightly different approach:

Dress as THEY would be most receptive to you as…

I have a friend with a successful sign installation and production company who dresses according to the ‘kind’ of person he’s soliciting.

Anything from jeans and workshirts to turtlenecks and nice pants to full-blown suits, all depending on what he believes the customer would be most receptive to. (Of course, if you don’t know your customer, you need [I]some [/I]kind of default outfit)

Its works wonders for him, and I’ve had good results using the same approach.

I believe this is the true definition of a “good” uniform, and another example of how everything your company does is marketing.