Door to Door, Knock or No-Knock?

I’ve seen comments scattered throughout several threads regarding this issue and thought I would ask. Do you knock on the doors of these unsuspecting people in the home or just leave something?

Personally I detest when people come knocking on my door trying to sell something. The dog starts barking loudly, the kids come running, the dog gets outside, and I’m like “What could be so important that you need to come to my residence?!” It just, to me, seems to be an invasion of my privacy and peace. So, … in turn I have some problems doing that to other people. Personally I’d be more inclined to look at something if it was just left for me, but that is just me.

But, results are results. I haven’t launched any big push for residentials just yet, but would like to. I’m just not sure what (cheap) method would be best. I’ve entertained numerous ideas and settled on none of them yet. I don’t mind the work involved door to door, just the knocking and soliciting at someones house that didn’t ask me to come by.

This may sound contradictory as this is how I gain commercial accounts, but it certainly feels different and businesses understand that being in business means dealing with many types of solicitors.

So, understanding I’m just starting up, what do you do?? And have you recieved negative remarks concerning knocking??

And BTW I have used the SEARCH function as to not rehash the same topics that come up over and over again. But it is a bit difficult to find what I’m looking for as the thread titles are often very vague. Thanks.

When a salesman comes to my door the first thing that goes through my head is. WHAT THE F**K YOU WANT!!:mad: I don’t care what he has to offer. Im not hearing anything he says because Im ****ed he knocked on my door selling something. I don’t think knocking on doors to get the jobs it the way to go. Get a good postcard from WCR or have one of these great guys on here make you one for a small fee. Then place it in the PAPERBOX or even at there door just dont knock.:slight_smile:

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I’ve never knocked on a door

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If you knock your going to get gigs, that’s the bottom line. It’s a numbers game. I have done it a couple of times and each time got work. Heck I got 3 gigs in 1 hour of knocking when I started and that was in the middle of winter. I live in an old people area and yes have had the door slammed in my face. But let me put it to you like this. When you see old school CEO’s of large companies how did they go about starting out? They did not wait for the customer to come to them, they went directly to the customer. If you believe in the service you are providing, that will come across in your pitch and you will get clients.
There are ways about doing it that does not scare them. Don’t knock and stand directly in front of the door like you are going to bum rush them. If there are steps to the door always knock and then step back off the steps. Makes the homeowner feel they have time to close the door if you try to rush in. Never reach out to shake a hand unless they offer it first, again you have to make them feel confortable with a stanger at their door. I don’t like people coming to my door anymore either, but since I have done it I have more respect for the little guy starting out. I let them pitch me at the very least so they get some practice in.

So no one likes people coming to their door for sales. But what do they do when the little girl scouts come along? They buy cookies right. Why is that? Simple. The product is good, goes to a good cause and everyone wins. You have to convience the potential client they need your service. Not want it, need it. No one get’s girl scout cookies at the corner store and for that reason when they come to your door, you feel you need the product cause you can’t get it any place other then a door to door service.

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So If I dressed up in a girl scout outfit I would get more customers?:smiley: If so let me know cause I found one on ebay just my size.:D;)


In todays day and age you might get more then the client. You might get the invite into the house lol.

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In NorCal, Girl Scout cookies are sold outside (folding table, etc.) retail stores – typically supermarkets – by girls and their supervising adults during whatever the sales period is (Winter-ish?)

If you knock on doors ensure that you are dressed appropriately, speak clearly and concisely, and be polite. Master a “60-second me” and be prepared to hear a lot of customers saying no. As previously mentioned, it’s a numbers game, just like passing out fliers, etc.

I leave fliers without disturbing residents. If someone is present or approaches, I ask if I may leave a flier with them and offer some details. Have a calendar ready to schedule a future quote or service appointment.


Juggernaut- Do you show up to people’s front door dressed like you are in your avatar?? :smiley: I might just let you in, if you were sharing!!

Anyway- thanks for the comments guys.

And BTW I think the Girl Scout Cookies are the worst ripoff there is. I tell them No a lot of times after asking them if they are made out of “Real Girl Scouts”. JK.

Expensive? Yeah.

Beneficial? The girls learn skills and I’ve heard that >2/3 of the moolah stays in their local chapter.

I agree with just about everything in this post. Good post :wink:

I don’t agree with anything in this post.

If someone just starting their own window cleaning biz (or alot of other businesses) is timid or afraid of hearing no, then you probably shouldn’t be in business. Or find someone else to do it for you, because there’s no avoiding the “NO”.

I can hear no and deal with the rudest of rudest people all day. It’s the price you pay to find accounts. I do it again the next day and the next etc… 8 years later I have a route built up that pays my bills during the winter and a resi customer base during the summer that contributed to a pretty good number last year.

Don’t be afraid of no, and whatever you do don’t just hang around waiting for the phone to ring. Door hangers are ok, fliers ok, Post cards ok, but seriously Door to Door, face to face wins hands down. I’m the guy that throws the door hangers and fliers in the trash. I’ve thrown several lawn care fliers away, but somehow I’m paying a guy this year to do whatever they do. How did I hear about him? He was walking by my house and came up to my door :slight_smile:

If you are doing door hangers, post cards, fliers, don’t stop. But I challenge you to this. Pass out 200 fliers/hangers/cards, then go knock on and talk to 200 people. Proofs in the pudding man!!


Learn From Lamont Cranston’s Fail - Learn From My Fail #LFMF

Well, there just seems to be a difference of opinion. I’m not afraid of hearing NO. How many times did I hear that just today while walking into commercial businesses? A lot. It’s a large part of marketing. I understand that.

What I’m concerned with is bothering, even upsetting or enraging, hard working people (let’s assume) who are in the privacy of their own homes with their families or whoever. Did they ask me to come over and sell them something?? Do they want the dog barking and the sleeping baby woken up?? Cuz it’s gonna happen, it’s happened at my home and I didn’t especially like it.

On the other hand, like I said, results are results. I guess the question is, am I willing to **** off some people to get to those ones that don’t mind and will use my service?? And I’m not sure how I’m going to answer that question just yet based on my experience. So I may try both and see what pans out.

Appreciate the feedback.

Well, here is what I do…

I know that most of you out here might think this is silly, but, here I go…

I flier a particular neighborhood that I want to target. The next day, I go park my jeep at the entrance of that neighborhood, put out my yard signs, sit on the top of my 4’ ladder and smile and wave to people like they are my best friend.

I will always pick up at least 3 jobs in a couple of hours. On my best day I got 9 jobs in 1 hour.

The thought is that they just read my flier the day before (even if they threw it in the trash). Then they see me the very next day while it is still fresh in their mind.

Believe it or not, this has made me a rock star in my town. I wear my company shirts wherever I go and people stop me at Starbucks, the grocery store, restaurants…ect. and say, “Hey! You are that window cleaner in the Jeep!”. I close deals while I am shopping. The local newspaper even wrote and article about me complete with a picture.

I know that most of you won’t do this crazy form of marketing. But, I hope that maybe it will inspire you to try something new and edgy.


I never did it before today! I did it at the wrong time tho, about 10am and most people are working or at the gym whatever. I spoke to 3 people and gave 1 estimate but didnt commit. I went all decked out…ebroidered shirts, new embroidered hat, the truck and trailer pimped out…unfortunately I had to come home and take the wife to the doctor or I KNOW I would have signed up and booked at LEAST one.

I hate when people knock on my door…but I go in areas that I already have customers in and tell them who the customer is and that if they would like an estimate I can do that for them. It works.

I seen 2 different bucket bob flyers, one guy advertises licensed and insured…for 2 bucks a window!!! Go figure.

Another crew was out there, 2 guys that did not know any english at all, they work for a local company…I was just gonna ask what houses they have so I dont go and knock on their door…but, no hablo ingles…so knock knock.
I hablo so too bad.

I want to hire someone to do it for me on commission but not quite sure about that yet.

I had a guy knock on my door the other day trying to sell me organic grass fertilizer and when I told him I just buy whatever seems to be good at Home Depot, he laid a burnout in his pickup down my entire block


Nice - I like it!!

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This is a fantastic idea. I don’t know if I could pull it off, but I love it!! Thanks for sharing that one.

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I wish there was a “I’m laughing hard” button. That’s classic.

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