Door to door residential sales pitch?

@cactus27 can you give an example of your pitch when they opened the door?

Seems very presumptuous (hi, I’m your new window cleaner) which I personally don’t like, but hey, it’s worth a try

I’d go with maid. Actually I won’t clean your whole house, I’m no good at it-ask my wife. But…

First day I went out I knocked on about 10 doors. I got 1 job. Boosted my confidence. One thing I did was I always stepped back from the door to give the home owner a safe space. Often times I was off their porch over 5 ft away. I dressed nice. No dirty sneakers. Had business cards and a clip board (with nothing written on it lol) I had a shirt with my name over the pocket and a baseball hat. I did not try to shake hands or anything. I never approached them until I was asked to. Make the homeowner feel safe. I was just honest. “Hi my name is Ray, I’m the owner of NJ window washing. I’m offering a free estimate today. Would you be interested?” Most said no but let me leave a business card. But like I said, 1 lady said yes cause her window cleaner was no longer around. Think about when people come to your door, think about the times you bought something. What made you buy? Was it the service or the person? Maybe it was both and they got you at the right time. But for me the #1 one thing was to be nice. Speak clearly. Answer questions with yes sir no ma’am. These little things go a long way. I spent all of about 1 hour trying to write up something before I went out and gave up. I just went and decided I would just be nice and ask. This was in the middle of January, it was a rare 50 degree day. I cleaned that $200 house and it took me 2 days cause it had french windows and I had no idea what I was doing. But I wanted to make sure the windows looked like I stole the glass out of them and they did. Lady was a yearly after that.


I believe this is a great practice. After the door opens I adapt my approach depending on gender (not sexist, just pragmatic).

When a woman answers the door, I maintain my distance until invited closer.

When a man answers the door, I move to offer my hand for a shake and look him in the eye.

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sorry, i missed this.
as i said i always have a flyer i hold up as i am speaking. they may recognize it from previous drops.
as mentioned by others stand a comfortable distance from the door.
i usually say "hi i’m ken from kens window washing are you thinking of having your windows washed"
i find it more likely to get them talking rather than just saying no. “ya we were but we’re gonna wait till the yard work is done”.
now you know when approximately and can suggest an estimate and maybe even schedule.
the point is to get info rather than a no and use that info to move forward.


I definitely like the idea of stepping away from the door more than most people would. Simple approach with what you say. Thank you

If you can get the customer/prospect outside and both be side by side looking at the house, its way easier too. Otherwise they are naturally going to defend their “decision” to not have clean windows. “When is the last time you looked AT your Windows ma’am?” Ask that as you step back and look at the house, slowly walk back and they typically will follow.

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