For those of you who go really wild distributing doorhangers, what kind of results have you experienced? I’d like to hear from those who distribute these by the tens of thousands each year, not by the dozen because that’s too small of a sample size to go by. I’m working on a plan to distribute 75,000+ doorhangers in 2009 and everything I’ve ever read up on doorhangers tells me that I should get a 1-2% response rate, and I should close at least half of those. If this holds true, that would be sweet!

I know the target market needs to make sense and so does what I’m offering, but assuming I know what I’m doing, is a 1-2% response rate pretty realistic?

it is possible to get 5%, it is also possible to get .01%

If you have a decent offer and message, you might get your 1%

I would test 1000 and see what that does. If it sucks, redo the hanger and try another 1000.

Be methodical and accurate or you will waste a lot of time and money


Thanks for the reply. Our plan is to actively market selling RainFlow since it’s a lot more profitable than window cleaning. If we pick up some residential window cleaning along the way, then that’s fine too of course. There are a lot of wealthy areas around me with lots of trees around, so we want to distribute 75,000+ doorhangers in 2009 and we hope to pick up 350 to 400 Rain Flow installation jobs out of our efforts, so this would amount to approximately a one half of one percent conversion rate which I think is very conservative.

We’re basically going to narrow down our target market to maybe 3000 or 4000 homes and hang a doorhanger on their door or mailbox every 2 to 3 weeks in order to pound our company name and the service we’re offering into their head. The homes we’ll be targeting are mainly very heavily wooded and I can guarantee they have someone clean their gutters annually or bi-annually, so we’re definitely offering something they have a need for.

The most challenging part is going to be all the walking and distributing of the doorhangers, but we’ll get it done somehow.

I like the idea of making the ad for one service/product. Many people try to sell 5 things on one ad, not good.

Multiple services and offers on one ad becomes diluted and confusing. Since the average person scans an ad for 3 seconds to decide whether they will read more, it better be good. (interesting)

If I wanted to advertise Rain Flow, I would make that entire ad Rain Flow and not bring any other service up. The simple fact that doorhangers have very little space makes this an obvious choice.

let us know how it works.

many services one add is a great idea… in todays society we are all about convienence. if a customer recieves your ad and it lists services offered they are more likely to call you then someone else. for example a customer would call you if you provided pressure washing and window cleaning … rather then calling someone seperate for pressure washing and cleaning the windows. its viewed as one service one especially if they can be done together in which most services offered can be … however you want your add to directly foucs on your target service and cleverly and distinctively add the other services some where on the add…

Says who? in todays society it is all about costs. “Convienience” is totally subjective because most will not get both done at once (as most of us know). Homeowners will not just add on an extra service for $150-200… has anyone noticed how hard it is to sell window cleaning alone?

The only thing convienient about shoving everything we do in their face is the convienience of us not putting together multuple ads.

Also keep in mind that the normal person (not in the business) would not see an obvious connection with window cleaning and gutter protection. I would think of gutter installers, not window cleaners. That will create a break in their reasoning and more times than not, they’ll pitch the ad in the trash.

Hook them with one and up-sell the rest.

I would advise against a mass service ad, but that is my opinion

I have to agree with Paul on this. Granted, I personally haven’t sent out an ad yet, but I’ve been doing a TON of research. Everything I’ve read said to focus on one thing in your ad. Many people make a connection automatically in their head for other services and others you can up-sell.

If people see that you do EVERYTHING, they have a hard time believing that you do any of it well (even though you probably do).

In fact, research has proven that the more narrow the focus in the ad, the more sales are generated.

Just my thoughts based on my research.

Thanks for posting this tread. It was interesting to read. I always thought advertising multiple services was the way to go. Maybe I should reconsider. I also plan to hand out mass door hangers to select neighborhoods as well.

“Buffalo Bill” I’m curious how long you have been the the window cleaning/ gutter business? I live in the Northwest where gutter cleaning is vary profitable. More so than window cleaning. Currently I discourage my customers from wanting to purchase gutter protection. My reasoning behind this is because most gutter screens don’t do what they advertise. Debris always finds it’s way into the gutter. Then I’m left removing them to clean the gutters. Way too time consuming. Honestly, I do not know much about the rain flo system.

When I’m out doing my route sometimes people ask for my card. Then they ask if I do anything else. So I can see how this is true.

I’d have to agree with not advertising a slew of services on one slender door hanger. Although, our company has had success with advertising our window cleaning and pressure washing services together on one door hanger with coupons that give $xx.xx dollars off for just a window cleaning, $xx.xx off for just the pressure washing and then a large $xx.xx discount for choosing both services together.

We then leave a comment somewhere on the hanger that says “Please visit our website for our other quality services”.

This has worked good for us. We did some trial and error. What CFP says is good advice, try 1000 with one campaign and if it’s successful, roll with it. Otherwise try something different.

good point- I am ALL FOR advertising a dual deal like the power washing and window cleaning. For one it makes sense because they are very related and also makes a great spring clean up or fall “last chance” offer.

Most people wil not read through clutter, and that is a fact.

Maybe where you live it is all about costs, but not everywhere. Where I am people will gadly pay for convience and reliablility.

I live in a Country of total economic chaos, that’s where I live.

Upsells will be a lot tougher this year. Sales have already plummeted for most of us just on window cleaning. I promise you the biggest convenience this year will be us optimizing what we do to send a clear message to an overwhelmed market.

Nobody knows if we are reliable or any good unless they pay for the service and find out…

I’m sorry to hear that you live in a place that is doing so terrible.

There are still many people who are paying me to clean windows, so where I live we are a long way from total economic chaos.

I used to distribute a doorhanger with both window & gutter cleaning on it and received a great response. Many customers wanting both services. I have recently added carpet cleaning to my services and added it to my flyer. Although I have just started distributing the new flyer, which I have attached, I’m getting the same kind of response, not so much for customers wanting multiple services but getting at least one service done, mostly gutter cleaning right now because of the season. I think come spring I will be getting more customers wanting multiple services. I also offer a discount for multiple services.

I myself, if i received a flyer offering window cleaning, carpet cleaning and gutter cleaning it would spark an interest. One company. one call, one appointment, one check to write.

I think it all depends on the services you are providing. Like window cleaning and painting or gutter cleaning and auto detailing would not be a good combo.

Trying to sell multiple services may be too tough to do, but advertising a bundle probably isn’t a bad way to go.

My door hangers have a checklist on the front with “Clean Windows” checked off… the front focuses very clearly on solely window cleaning. In the back it lists everything we do to each and every window. It’s small font and most people will never read all the details, but if they wanted to know it’s right there… But it’s all things I do in every home automatically, not seperate services… it’s all window cleaning focused.

Besides, there are some things I think are easier to sell once you get there… like blind cleaning. It’s much easier to sell when you are right there, they already know you, and you can rub your finger along them and show off the nasty crud

Also: My return rate last year was right under 1%… but I hated those door hangers. I’ll let you know how the new ones do.

I’ve had customers call me off of my postcards and because my additional services were listed she had already up sold herself before I got there. WHen I showed up she was telling me she wanted her house washed, windows washed, and concrete cleaned

Every 2-3 weeks. Sorry man no offense but that sounds irritating. I think it would drive me up a wall. But thats just my thought. Not sure what other think…

way too excessive… you are going to make more people mad then customers. We do them every other month.