Double hung windows feel loose

I cleaned some fairly new double hung windows today. They tilt in towards you by pushing the inner frames as much as you can and pull the top of the window towards you. This all went great but I notice that when I’m done, some of the upper windows don’t want to stay up on their own. When I first unlatched the windows they stayed by themselves.

Will they eventually feel tighter and stay up?

I’m thinking yes but just to make sure I told the customer to make sure they hold the upper window when unlatching the two in case it wants to fall on its own.

You could be facing a problem. Depending on how they were installed. Some people frame them for a pretty close fit others shim them. If they were shimmed and the shim was not screwed through during the installation, the shim could have come lose and fell down the side of the window. I don’t know if that responsibility would fall on you or the contractor.

Some times when you pull the top down and tilt it in you release the spring mechanism which is at the bottom of the sash , when you put the window back you should push it down until the mechanism re-engages and then put it up

Is there a spring in the windows they are talking about? I have never seen one. I have seen the windows they are talking about. No release clips or holes, you just push the side of the window track pull the one side and then repeat on the other side. They always looked as though they were held in from a tight fit. I could be and hope I am wrong as if it is what I said. The only way to find out is a costly drywall repair after you make a hole to look.

Not always, but sometimes , if you stick your head out and look up at the bottom of the top sash you will see the plastic bit that is attached to the spring, when you bring the top sash down and tilt it you get the plastic bit wedged in the track, when you push the window back up it stays behind. The only way to re-engage it is to push the window down until the bottom of the sash picks it up and then put the window back

I’m thinking you “sprung” them.

There is a spring loaded mechanism that helps lift the window and it probably retracted when you tilted it.

Go back and open the window and look up the channels on both sides and see if there is a plastic or metal piece on the end of a cable or string that you need to pull back down and reinsert the sash into.

I doubt that they will just start working correctly over time.

do you know the manufacture of the windows? Some of the springs the guys are talking about can also be released if you got the window cocked at an angle when it was tilted in thus releasing only one side of the counter balance spring. This will allow the window to move as it should but not have enough to hold it up all the way. just a thought, could tell you more if I knew who made the window.

Do the lower right and left sides of the sash frames have pegs protruding out?
If so, they likely fit into u-shaped "clips. The clips will move freely up and down only if the the open end is facing straight up. You would need to use a screwdriver to get a clip to a position either a couple inches lower or higher than the other clip. Then turn the clip toward you about 30 degrees. It will stay in that position. Then fit the sash peg into the clip and push the sash forward. That side should function properly. If both sides function properly, you’re good. If the other side needs attention repeat the above.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! I have had this problem in the past and the above described action remedies the situation. Good call macroomboy!

This seems to be the easiest remedy to try.

I guess my next question is, how can this be avoided in the future? I don’t see any other method for opening these windows and tilting them in.

I’m blown away by all the technical explanations offered so quickly!

You guys are serious technicians!

I’ve started to just make sure that once I tilt back in the top sash I push it down as far as it will go. This will make sure they are re-engaged before you put them back up.

I don’t think much of those Marvin windows!

That makes 2 of us Karl, but carpenters seem to love them so they will be around for a while, They seem to have perfected the art of the leaky fake mullion


That simulated check rail is what Im on about, the don’t put glue all the way to the ends so that when its pushed on the glue doesn’t seep out, wash the top pane and the water gets in the space, drips down about 5 minutes later.When they are not that dirty I simulate cleaning them

Okay, went back today and this did the trick on all of them. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile: