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Double Digital Flow Controller

I plan on running two poles in the future but my question is can this be used for a single pole application?


Yes it can

Just ordered one…Thanks!

that’s gonna be awesome in the van


I feel like I should have just got two.

How do I connect this thing to my pump? It just arrived on its own with nothing in the box but the unit itself with no paperwork

Sorry, these were clearance items and came with no directions.

In this order:

Battery -
Battery +
Pump +
Pump -

We are putting together a wiring diagram that will come with those in the future orders. But for now here is how it goes.There are four slots for wires Starting from left to right negative wire from pump then positive wire from pump then positive side of battery then last negative side of battery.

Thanks John. There are no markings on the controller housing or under the plate. So that is helpful. My next question relates to amperage draw for the controller. Ive already installed wiring that will run from the battery into the bed of my truck with an inline fuse and switch. (The switch will be installed on the dash) I know the controller is switched but I would rather have in cab control in case the controller switch gets bumped and starts drawing power. My pump is 4 amps but as the controller will be inline before the pump I’m wondering what the controller amperage is

Alex. Your schematic is the opposite of Johns unless you are going from right to left?

[MENTION=3378]Scratcher[/MENTION] the controller only uses the amps needed to push the water to the brush. Make sure you calculate it the first time you hook it up. Do this by extending you pole and hose all the way out. Press and hold the up arrow and down arrow at the same time. You will see Cal on the screen. Be sure and use the up arrow first and set the fidgets on 30

Thanks John, this is really helpful. I wasn’t aware of the need to calibrate

Can this be used for a single pole until I upgrade to a two pole system?