Drain cleaning machine for gutters?

I bought the 40’ sewer rod on the floor (in the pic), but have you guys ever seen/used these drain cleaning machines? I honestly couldn’t even figure out what they were or how they work, maybe like a pressure washer? Are they gas powered? And used for gutter cleaning?

Also, have you ever tried using these sewer rods? I’m gonna give it shot…

Just get a $15 plumber snake that is thick

There are special attachment you can put on the wand of your pressure washer that makes it like a hydro jet to clear clogged joints in gutters from the ground. I don’t know what it’s called but our pressure washer dealer sells them. They basically have 25’ of pressure washing hose with the quick connect for your wand and a spinning hydro jet tip on the other end(end you send up the gutter). That’s probably a better way to go rather than that thing?

If a flushing with a hose doesn’t clear the downspout, I find that it’s easiest just to detach the clogged section. Only a couple of screws.


My process is as follows, flush with water, then 15 dollar plumber snake, then disassemble downspout. Sorry but I have had customers pull those out of their garage you just spent $350 on something that will do no more than a $15 snake. Hope you kept the recipet

I bought the $20 snake…I was just wondering about the expensive machines. :slight_smile:

Get a refund and if the $20 snake doesn’t work take the downspout apart :grin:

drain cleaner only work inside pipes. The coil is spun around, to remove the clog… The coils acanreally hurt you if you don’t know what you are doing. So please be careful and only use it with pvc drain pipes


I just feed the garden hose end down the down spout and let it run for a few minutes. It fills with water and I gently keep tapping the end against the clog and it eventually loosens everything to where it all shoots out. Maybe 2 out of 10 do we need to take apart anymore.