Driveway Oil Stain

Hey guys,

I have a driveway that I will be washing tomorrow. There is a 12"x12" oil stain in the center of the driveway. I believe it is a stamped concrete driveway, red in color. I will be using a 3100 PSI 2.8 GPM pressure washer, no heat.

Any tips on what to use to remove the stain?

Thanks in advance,


My brother owns a PW business and he uses an attachment called a hot box. You can rent one from a tool rental center. You’ll need the heat to get that stain out.

Thanks for the reply,

I went ahead and gave it a shot with my cold water set up. I pre-scrubbed with simple green and a grout brush and the stain came out. The whole driveway came out pretty bitchen!

The customer was happy and I feel more confident about pressure washing driveways now.


I found this on line. I havn’t uesd it, maybe it can help.