Dry. Brush screen cleaning

What type of brush you use to dry brush window screens?
Thanks! Pax

If just doing a dry clean, I seem to get better results using a towel.

I use hogs hair. Perfect results.

Hard working wash brushes for vehicle maintenance. Durable polypropylene brush block filled with popular bristle materials. - BRUSHES TRUCK / GUTTER

WCR has a similar brush but it looks wider

A flagged counter brush works fine for me.

I have been useing a old floor broom head.
Got old fast…

wallpaper brush works well for me.

14" tbar with the white original scrubber sleeve. It does ok… Take a little working

Pretty much the same but I use the auto brush super flocked for a car washer but lots of bristles to get in all the squares and water fed to water scrub, dunk in bucket, or use it dry,
In fact use it for all types of stuff. 1st cleans, pre-clean. Scrub my new const windows and frames, etc…

I think a better question when dry brushing, what do you use to keep all the dust from going up your nostrils?

I take the screen to the corner of the home where the wind is blowing and let the dust fly away from me.

When dry brushing I always use a disposable mask.

Are you meaning a hogs hair wfp brush?

No, but that works, too.

It’s a 14" block hand held.

I use a truck brush. But the synthetic bristles get frayed fairly quickly. Next I will go to horse hair or hog hair brush. The small wood handled paintbrushes I use for window corners and tracks hold for a LONG time. Perhaps the same for a much larger brush.

Hogs hair should work great. Lots of bristles.
Don, you need to get you one of them pot bellied pigs and he can rub himself on the screens behind the house. Dust will be away from the house. A heavier pole and some tape you have a living hogs hair brush. LOL

Cleaning supply companies make a screen brush that looks exactly like a dust brush but way better. I bout 2 of them 3 years ago and use them a lot. There still like new.

Now that’s living high on the hog!!!

I have tried dry brushing on a couple of occasions. I couldn’t stand it. For me, if I have to take the screen outside to avoid making a mess of it, I might as well wet wash and get it 100% clean. If I’m cleaning casement windows that aren’t too dirty, I’ll scrub the screen with my stripwasher before removing it, then wipe it down with a hand towel after I take it out of the frame. That way, dust doesn’t go flying, and I don’t make a mess in the home. That’s been the fastest method for me, and it keeps my lungs and nostrils clear.

But if I were going to dry brush, that wallpaper brush looks pretty nice.

Heck yeah. The best part is they are smart and easily trained. Another good thing is later on you can just eat maybe a foot here, ear there, or a leg. Come on, with a well trained WFP washing pig you can not eat a pig like that all at once.:stuck_out_tongue: