Dual bed vs Mixed bed DI Tank

Hey everyone, I have been renting Mixed bed DI tanks for the last 10 years to run my WFP’s. I am expanding my business into another area, and recently came across another local company where I can rents tanks.

However, this newer company is telling me that I should definitely be using dual bed tanks instead of the mixed bed. They say that the mixed beds are overkill for window cleaning, and that I could get more gallons with the dual bed, and it is cheaper.

Any thoughts??

Why is it overkill? It’s all about 0 tds

Not necessarily… We have gotten spot free results with TDS in the 20s before…

I know that silly I’m never at zero

Watch it.

I think the biggest issue is convenience, why lug two containers when you can lug one.

This space for rent!

MY supplier said to only go with mixed beds…

The fact is that dual tanks produce more pure water over a single mixed bed tank. But depending on your supplier it may or may not be cost effective to to go with two tanks.

Suppliers will tell us what [I]they [/I]want to sell and its not always the best solution for the customer.

Why do you still pay rent on Tanks? When I stopped paying rent they were charging $18 per month. I rented for about 3 years and then decided to buy all my tanks and save some money over time. WCR hads them at a very reasonable price. I also refill my own and ship 11 CU Ft at a time back to be regenerated. Making the 2 hour round trip to the regen facility made no sense (9-12 or 1-4). Now I can just change out my tanks myself every 2 months and do so on the weekend when I will not be taking time away from production.

I spoke to a rep about getting dual beds - one tank anion, another cation. I know salt water fish tank aquariums filter water with RO and most regenerate their own resin (…lye, muratic acid…). He said he could get them for me, but wondered about waste permits for the left over chemicals.

His reason for not having dual, separate beds: one bed will wear out quicker than the other. A lot of chemistry jargon later, the filter will begin to create acidic water that will corrode or eat the paint off what ever your cleaning.

So, does anyone use dual bed DI Tanks for WFP? What are your thoughts?