Dual Saw Kick Butt tool. Paid for it self in 1 job

I picked up what is more commonly refered to as a dual saw at costco. This is one of the saws that has two saw blades spining in opposite directions. Anyway, I have been using it to install retractable screen doors and screen repairs for the last week .I Had a job today and 3 sliding doors would not slide back more than 8 inches before jambing. I explained to them that the header had bowed up top at least 1/2 and inch and the doors werent going anywhere. Thay asked if I could fix them. Sure $60 per door to trim down the tops. This machine had zero kick back cut sooooo smoothly and best of all only took 30 minutes to fix all three dooors. High praise for this tool. If your doing anything with steel aluminum, wood plastic what ever this thing cuits through like it BUTTER baby. I would deffinatley recommend having this in your tool box. HUge time saver

Bringing up old threads … I know :slight_smile:

Do you still have it ? Have you used frequently ? I’m planning on getting one, the Ridgid one, and the reviews are kind of mixed but I think it’s worth the price for the versatility. I’m gonna have to buy a couple of replacement blades sets just in case they discontinue it.

Let me know which one do you have and if this is something you would recommend.