Dubai Window Cleaning

Got a call from a gentleman today who wants to hire me to help him build a strong window cleaning company in Dubai, and try and dominate the emerging high-rise window cleaning industry.

Has UAE & wealthy property ownership background.


Thursday lunch meeting.

Sometimes you just don`t know whose gonna phone when you wake up in the morning…

Very impressive. Dubai is blowing up right now. You should barter your services in exchange for your own island in their planet earth thing.

That is rad!

I’m shocked – I had All County Window Cleaning expanding into the Middle East before Kevin…

I’ve spent a little time over in that part of the world…have no desire to go back…I guess I am spoiled being free…because they aren’t

Way to go Kevin! You never know whats round the corner in this industry.

Be safe! :eek:

thats is awesome Kevin! That place is something else over there, $$$ flowing everywhere like oil is! So this guy wants you to help him with his business? Or are you looking to expand your business?

I imagine you could get cheap labour over there! Also i don’t envy anyone working in 130F+ weather all day cleaning windows.
Its funny though i was watching a program on Discovery about Dubai, and thought “a guy could make a killing over there window cleaning!”

That building has its own window cleaning machine!
Theres one being built nearby thats going to be taller than that!

Yeah ~ [I]crazy[/I].

I’m thinking that I’ll be willing to travel as a consultant, but we’ll see how this all works out…could be nothing, could be interesting!

He actually wants to buy a franchise of my company, and license it for Dubai, but I explained I would primarily be available for consulting at this point, no franchise opportunities.

We’ll see. This may be an indicator of how its gonna go:

I said to him yesterday “Okay ~ let’s have lunch together and chat. Where would you like to buy me lunch?”

He laughed, and asked me to commit to a 12:30 lunch appointment first, and that he would call back with the specific restaurant name. He called today, and has selected an expensive local one for us to meet at, his treat.

May be nothing, may be a cash cow. I’ll keep you posted.

That “Burj” building is crazy, eh?

My wife say’s we might be available:D

Well, lunch with Dubai guy was interesting.

He has zero background in window cleaning, but wants to capitalize on the high-rise building going on, and has some connections and understands the ‘system’ over there.

Seems that he is also travelling to a few other international cities to meet with WC business owners, to find the right guy to pay a consulting fee, or franchise, or whatever.

Now I wait and see.

He was trying to sell me on how beautiful and warm it is in Dubai, and when I told him I wasn’t interested in moving there, he tried to persuade me to consider moving there for a month or so, at least, when they are starting out.

I’ll keep you guys posted if he gets serious and wants to pitch me a specific offer.

I also saw your offer on WCR Nation, too, Chris. I’ll seriously consider that, sure!


Have a stop off in Mallorca, the condo’s empty! Bring food & Diesel!