Dumb question

I just completed a window cleaning service for $325 and the customer left me a check in my company’s name… but I don’t have a company set up or registered…

Is it ok if I deposit it to my bank or would I have to register my company ASAP.

Yeah yeah, don’t bash me now…

That’s a question for your bank. My guess is, they’ll at least want that business name listed on your checking account.

But why are you using a name that you haven’t registered yet?


Which do you have?
Company or Business?

Register your business (or is it Company?) with the State and have a “Business account” and a “Personal account” at your bank.

Run all receipts (payments) through the Business account which you then pay yourself from and into your personal account, the same as if you were working for the Business (YOU ARE) (or is it Company?) as if on Friday - payday - you were depositing your paycheck from an employer - who happens to be you.

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I was hoping he could pay in cash or deposit the check to cash.
But after the service was done he handed me a check and it would look unprofessional if I said something.
First customer too and he turns out to be a sharp looking guy.
But it’s fine I’ll just do all this now.

Thanks Garry

Get yourself a DBA , open a business account , get an accountant . Get a business credit card . Use it for all business expenses.


Order this book.
Profit First
Read it cover to cover.
Be the best that you can be.

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Thanks. I found the audiobook on youtube. Will be listening to it.

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That article sounded like it was written primarily for Australian readers. I wonder how much of it carries over to the US?

I don’t think as much legal weight is placed on the word “Company” here. We have other designations to define the legal and tax structure of a business (like Doing Business As/TradeName, Limited Liability Company, S Corp, C Corp, etc.). And registering under any of those does not provide automatic name protection nationwide. That requires a separate trademark registration (IIRC).

Good point.
Here in the USA:

Register with the State = $150. Make sure to get a Sales and Use tax certificate as well, cuz it will come back to bite you in the ass (trust me, been there).

They usually send the docs via email same day. Take them to your bank and open an account. Most banks will require an opening deposit of around $500 to open the account, but they won’t accept the pending check as initial deposit.

Depending on the bank you have for a personal account, you might be able to mobile deposit it into your personal account now.


Your bank is also a good source for guidance for getting your business set up. It is in their best interest for your business to be successful.


Hi there

If you were from Australia you would need to register a business name from the asic website

I hope your desired name is still available
Once this is done, print the PDF and show your bank this to help open an account.
Let us know how you go :sunglasses:

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