E-mail reminders

Does anyone use a service or program that will generate e-mail reminders? I offer this service and people really like it but right now it is just a manual input of information. We are losing control really fast. We keep going back to phone calling and people are saying “I thought you were going to e-mail me.” Oops, makes me feel stupid!

Steve you use CEO I thought? I think they offer a service that does that… ( I think)

I use CEO but I haven’t found a good way to do email reminder with it though. I need to get on their site and ask. Thank for the reminder.

I will have the product you’re looking for hopefully by the new year. I’m trying to get it done right, but trust me, I feel your pain and I have spent countless hours trying to figure this problem (and quite a few others) out. I wish I could say more, but I better leave it at that for now…

If you guys use the customerfactor.com you can do this with just two clicks. all done, no worries.

fell free to contact me if you have any questions.

FYI: thecustomerfactor.com is the best and easiest to use software for us window cleaners…

How much does the customer factor cost?

I’m very interested. Please keep me posted.

Can you tell me a little more. I already have Service CEO and I have too much time and money invested to scrap it for a online program.

Doug has stated that he has a locked-in price of $20 per month.

im locked in w/ that price too. I didnt really appreciate the program until Doug gave me a quick inservice on the ins and outs of it. It really is the bomb. Plus youve got life time tech support w/ steve wright.

I have TCF too. I love it. My cost is $20/month also. It is great software, especially since you can access anywhere you have internet access.

Do they make a mobile version?

Can you network 2 PC’s to one database?

Can 2 people be in the system at the same time?

Ive heard lots of good things about this program.

I am seriously going to look into this product. If I access it from any computer, that in itself is huge.

it is a web based program, you have to lease it for $19.99 per month.

You can have 10 million people use it at once if you wanted too.

I must admit that the customer factor is a great looking program! They really have the right idea, but I think that what we are working on will really amaze you and make scheduling and many other things more simple than you have ever thought possible.

I feel like I’m spreading porn here… just getting you all excited but not actually taking care of you… yet.

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Any idea when this will be available? Will it be online or software? How sure are that the first version will perform right out of the gate?

Does it integrate with Quickbooks or does it do it’s own financial reports like accounts recievable, payroll etc…