Easy Gutter Cleaning

I saw this and it looks cool…I don’t know how it works and I don’t know how the customer is going to react to you staring at the gutters like a child with a remote control playing with this RC car with a spinning brush…Hummm…looks fun:D



Looks like a fancy homeowners toy, like a cordless electrical weed whacker.

I don’t think it’ll come close to cleaning out some of the gutters I’ve cleaned. All the shingle grit, wet leaves, twigs, growing trees…

I wonder how it would do in a round bottom gutter?

Infomercial, infomercial, infomercial!!!

I wonder if it can clean your colon?

From what I read and seen on video…its a POS
I came across a video showing how these things work in real world situations. If I can find it, I’ll post it.
I clean gutters on a regular basis. I don’t imagine this machine being able to clean wet, leafy, dirt filled gutters here in my neck of the woods. I may work better with dry debris.
Thats my two cents.


Again, I think it depends on the type of debris being removed. I’ll stick with my gutter spoons and a bucket

I would like to try this fro flushing out gutters


was originally used as a German sex toy :eek::eek:

It’s just another gadget that doesn’t really work. It only works on dry leaves, and doesn’t work on the dirt & grit on the bottom. It has to be moved if there is a turn in the gutter or moved to a differnt stretch of guttering. That kinda defeats the purpose if you have to keep climbing a ladder to move it.

I would think if it really truly worked everyone with gutters would have one, and it would be sold at every Walmart in the country. And Billy Mays would be on our TVs yelling at us about how great it is. But wait order now and receive a free ladder. All this for only $19.95

I’ll take a ladder at $19.95 :slight_smile:

I have something like that, except it is flexible, works great.

Where I am there is not alot of leaves, but alot of needles and shingle grit. So the adjustable angle is really great at pushing the water where I want after I scoop out most of the grit.

Can you post a photo of what you have. Does it connect to a pressure washer or to regular garden hose?

I bought a 250 CC back pack blower and 2 shop-vac extension hoses, fastened them to an old 4 stage Guerlick pole and have been cleaning even the nastiest gutters from the ground, up to 22’ feet high. When the leaves are wet, you have to be careful for overspray, but it reduces the time by 1/2 to 3/4 and removes all ladder work.

The thing with that machine that I noticed is it tosses the junk in the air. It does not toss the junk over the side of the gutter. So what about the junk that lands on the roof? Next rain it’s back in the gutter again. I’m going the shop vac route next year.