Easy Lift 70-36AJ compact tracked spider lift - USED

Easy Lift 70-36AJ compact tracked spider lift used unit for sale. Was on rental fleet and is now available for sale. In service November 2012, around 175 hours on combustion engine and around 900 hours electric mode. 70 feet of working height and 36 feet of horizontal outreach, 34,5 inches of width, 78 inches height, 19 feet long, 6700 pounds for easy carry on regular trailer with a pick-up, no need for license drivers. Ideal for all types of work in heights implying tight entrances for parks, backyards, alleys, a tool that will pump out a lot of work volume.
Equipped with:

  • HATZ Diesel
  • 208-240V Electric motor
  • Emergency descent electric pump
  • Outriggers sinking alarm
  • Proportional remote control
  • Basket rotation
  • Non-marking tracks
  • Strobe light
  • 2 men aluminum basket
    Here are a few interesting features and benefits:
  • Easy to transport, operate and repair. (parts available locally, switches, fuses, relays, NO COMPUTERS, fancy or climate sensitive and temperamental components)
  • BEST DEPARTURE ANGLE (easy to attack obstacle such as crosswalks, slopes, tilt trailer or ramps, stairs)
  • Swing-out outriggers (to provide flexibility to stabilize the machine)
  • 5 foot jib
    Included here pictures of the unit.
    Asking $81 500 USD + shipping, FOB Montreal, Canada
    Call us for more details. We also offer financing or direct cash kick back on all our NEW models.
    Toll free: 844-873-7847 and ask for Alain
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    Link for all our spec sheets:
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SVP mes amis, partagez! Merci!!!

No one is interested ? Think outside the box: This will cut on 80% of your rental costs, and all the availability /unavailability of the equipment. Brings more flexibility as you only have to manage YOUR availability…

Is this a Hinowa machine?

No, it is Easy Lift.
Italian manufacturer, we distribute in Americas all the series. From 40 to 135 feet. This one posted is a 70 feet working height, 36 feet outreach with 440 pounds basket capacity.
Does that answer your question?
Thank you

What are the finance options on such a piece. Maintenance cost. What kind of resale value will this piece have after 5 yrs?

Nice set of questions Haim
Long story short, just browse the internet to see what is the retail value on spider lifts. You will see that there are close to none out there due to the very specific nature and niche of these equipment. As for us, we have been exclusive distributor for over 2 years now, with rental fleet and this unit (and a few others as well, including a 100-47SJ unit) was on our rental fleet for the past 2 years. Roughly, the sale price represent 85% of the value of an equivalent new unit equally equipped after 2 years of utilization. I hope this answers your question.
As far as maintenance, the requirement is to have AT LEAST an annual inspection to make sure all is good. The overall frequency for engine would be to have an annual mechanical every 500 hours, and a daily inspection of structural components. Most of the Easy Lift electric parts are available locally. There is NO computers, lcd screens, temperamental or climate sensitive components. You can have any electro-mechanic tech or local hydraulic company to replace hoses. Boom needs to be greased with white standard grease upon kind of utilization. Window cleaning isn’t much of a “dirty” job, as far as equipment. Bottom line, when you will have spent $4 000 in MAINTENANCE, you will have a machine that will stay with you for as long as you operate.
I hope this answers your questions.
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Here is one of the reason why you should consider carefully when shopping around for your spider lift unit.
Please advise.

Any comments on this educative video? Does that make sense?
Thank you for your advise.