Easy Pole Lifter Idea

[SIZE=3]Not to sure that explained this right.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

This is a device that you wear on a wide belt similar to a weight lifter one. [/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Also gives you support on your back as well.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

It will enable you to use your WFP all day without getting fatigued.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

It is spring loaded which can be adjusted to take the weight of the pole.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

The adjustable spring is attached to the belt.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

The weight of the pole is transferred to your legs. [/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Is there anyone that are trying to do any similar set ups would like to hear from you.

I have often thought about some sort of holster. I started by looking at the holsters for powerwashing poles, but I never got past that. I have used a hammer holder on a belt to support the pole but could never figure out how to make it more supported while being able to move it.
Spring mounted is genius.

I read on a UK forum about a guy that had some sort of waist belt with his pole locked into it, lost control of the pole and maybe fell down, broke his back in the process.

[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=3]You are kind of on the right track.

Where the spring on the belt is positioned at the angle you stand to move the pole.

The spring is a compression one.

You tighten it to take up the weight of the pole.

This way a 20 lbs pole feels like you are using a 5 lb pole.

Also have better side control.

This project started a few years back because at the time was using a unger pole the heavy aluminum ones.

Wanted to have something my wife would be able to use the pole as well.

Thought it would also make it more assessable for everyone to use a WFP.

Without busting you’re a#se. [/SIZE][/FONT]

My Gardiner SL-56 is already 5 pounds. :slight_smile:

Do you mean something like this?

[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=3]There is a spring loaded movable arm attached to the belt.

Pole fits to end of arm.

Adjust till it takes weight of pole then you are right to go.[/SIZE][/FONT]

I cant tell from the pic if thats a powerwashing wand pole holder or something for window cleaning.

[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=3]From a different angle [/SIZE][/FONT]

The one I posted above is supposed to be used for either a WFP or a power washer wand. At least that is what the description said.

I remember them selling these gadgets in the UK a few years back - personally I think they are dangerous. Larry has the right idea, get a lighter pole… the lighter & stiffer the better.

[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=3]Yes Karl must agree that if you used the same set up as is in the picture not only dangerous also awkward to use it for a WFP.

And to go with Larry’s pole that is very light to use.

But in the real world not every one can spend a grand or so to have a lighter pole.

So this is to be able to use what you got till such time you have the $$$$ to get the lighter versions.

Or if they use these lifters they may not have to spend any $$$ to get a lighter one.[/SIZE][/FONT]