eBay WFP

Look at it here

Also check the seller’s other items and you’ll see where this is coming from … interesting at least :slight_smile:

Interesting to say the least!

Some other Fish franchise oughta scoop that stuff up.

If you’re looking for cheap equipment and want to help a [I]fellow[/I] window cleaner … :smiley:

I’ll put in a bid for it. And I just e-mailed Seth the link. It’s real close to DC in our neck of the woods so if they took my price it would be no prob to pick the stuff up.

Thanks for the heads up Carlos.

It looks like it’s being sold by the bankruptcy trustee. That means that the funds from everything being sold will be distributed among the person’s debtors. So the original owner will not even see the money from what is sold, but at least his debt is probably cleared.

I looked on the Fish website and that franchise is not listed. However, they haven’t made any updates to my local area either… so I assume their website is outdated.

it’s a chapter 7 case.
i’d buy all that stuff in a heart beat if i lived in the area.

I didn’t see anything in the auction that indicated it was Fish. What makes you guys think it’s a Fish franchise?

Under " sellers other items" they are also selling 2 fish vehicles

It’s the Cox Reels that I want. That worn out ole Tucker would most likely just sit hanging from a rack for me. Cox reels are not cheap, I put in a bid and we’ll just wait and see. I’m not going any higher than I bid though so it is what it is.

Those two vehicles might be a steal for someone though. I’m thinking a nice starter vehicle for a window cleaner. I see they both have several bids on them already though. Doesn’t surprise me, people are always looking for cheap work vehicles. Tucker poles and hose reels are not as popular to most.

I’d go for the reels too, but another pole doesn’t hurt [insert joke here]