Eccotemp l5 questions

So I have a couple questions involving the L5 unit while water fed poling. Ive contacted eccotemp and not really had my questions answered. A gentleman named Adam was supposed to call me back tonight and never did. I have a tough job lined up for tomorrow and would love to be pushing hot water. So my first question is has anyone who has used this system for window cleaning ever had any trouble keeping the flame lit while working? I keep losing my flame and hence loosing my hot water. Second ive seen a video of this unit mounted on the back door of a van. This must mean that the hot water stayed hot all the way to the end of the pole. What is the trick to this? It seems as though its cooling down before reaching the pole. Im using l50 ft. of the 3/8" hose bought from WCR. I think I need to down size to the tiny hose for the wfp for the entire system. Any educated opinions on these issues would be very appreciated.

check the Amazon reviews- many people have very helpful information for running this heater: Customer Reviews: Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower