Ecover expiration?

Yeah, I stocked up on the original ecover around the same time as a lot of guys (I think WCR was off-loading some old cases). I’ve always kept it stored in a metal cabinet in my office, where it stays cool. So far I haven’t had any issues with it degrading. Sorry that it happened to you :cry:

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Ah I guess it could have been worse. I was down to my last bottle anyway. I’m gonna try Dawn 3x and see how that goes


Just leaving target…picked up that 7th gen free and clear and also gonna test out palmolive pure and clear. It’s fun experimenting.


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Same happen to me , I switched to the Costco Kirkland this week. I’m accurately happy with the results . I’ll report back in a month .
[/quote]so I tried the Kirkland stuff , but was not entirely happy with it. So purchase the new Ecover off of amazon and feels exactly like the old one .