Ecover expiration?

I noticed today that my squeegee rubber was leaving some bad drag lines at the corner. I thought the rubber was to blame, but after changing it out I noticed the same problem within minutes. I discovered a sticky white buildup underneath the rubber at the extremities of my channel, and if I wiped it off with a towel the lines would go away for a while, only to return in short order.

I also noticed an increased difficulty to rinse all the soap from my mop.

I was using ecover soap that has been in my garage since I bought a bunch last year.

Does ecover degrade or expire? Or could there be another explanation for what I experienced

i’m not sayin’ it was aliens but…it was aliens!


Wonder if it separates a bit. Give her a shake

Pics would help. Or video.

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Tomorrow for sure

I found some old Ecover this week and it was completely separated into a thick white part and a clear part. It would mix a little if I shook it but I think it’s probably garbage now.

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I’ve been using old Exocer never had any problems with it.

I still have old ecover and works great , maybe 2 years old

Have you tried the new Exocet yet Genaro ?

Have to buy a bottle to see if it’s any good

Hey mike , not yet . I still have from so long ago. I think I purchased like 4 boxes 2 years ago.

I was actually looking at the dish soap that Costco has by Kirkland And it don’t have glycerin. I may try that when I’m done also .

Funny story , I met a guy that does tinting , he says that he used baby shampoo . That it’s amazing, I was like never heard anyone using that . Lol

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Ya I bought a few cases an a bunch from eBay. Going to run out soon , so trying to see what next. I bought a bottle of Dawn recently just to see what that’s was like again i like Exocet so much better.
So funny cause I’ve used dawn for 10 years at least before Ecocer.

Baby’s shampoo huh … never herd of anyone using it

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I never have these issue with ecover but I do note with a couple of other products that I use in my commercial business that in extremely cold weather they will either seperate or go cloudy. Add a bit of IPA (Isopropyl) to it. Adds to the slip anyway.


So… I can confirm that the ecover is no longer doing what it’s supposed to. It was accumulating as a gummy white residue on the corners of my squeegee blades and in the bottom of my bucket.

Unfortunately there are too many variables and no control sample for me to say exactly why this happened. Good thing there are a bazillion other kinds of soap that deliver acceptable results. Maybe I’ll try that Dawn 3x…

Yesterday i retried mixing gg4 and Dawn, which i was doing a few times last year. Maybe it’s in my head, but it’s really great. Don’t really like gg on it’s own. Dawn is fine, but the two together is better.


Did the ecover ever freeze when it was in the garage? Some chemicals are ruined if they ever freeze.

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No I live in SW Florida so that seems unlikely.


Same happen to me , I switched to the Costco Kirkland this week. I’m accurately happy with the results . I’ll report back in a month .

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Exposure to sunlight or heat?


That’s what I’m thinking. I know regular dish soap has a ton of chemical preservatives, but since ecover is plant-based and biodegradable it’s not gonna hold up indefinitely.