EDDM - Frequency of drops

Curious how often people are hitting the same routes in their EDDM campaigns. Last year we dropped to the same routes once per month April, May, June. Response rate was about 1%.

This year we’ll be doing twice per month to the same routes. April, May, June.

What’s everyone else doing? I’ve often heard and read that frequency matters way more than anything else in marketing.

no Help here, we don’t advertise

Still looking for input. Appreciate all replies and advice.

This year I will be hitting 3 targeted communities on a monthly basis March - August.

That’s what I have also heard. :wink:

There’s no way I’m hitting the same routes twice a month. Part of that is the expense, part of it is also the size of my opperation, but part of it is also potential customer fatigue.

I plan to hit my routes about once every 5 or 6 weeks for a total of three hits starting April 1st. Summer is slow so I don’t want to waste a mailing when people are on vacation. I also stagger my routes so they don’t all get the mailer at the same time.