EDDM Results 100 repeat clients to 400 repeat clients in six months

I haven’t posted on here since 2018. I suspect that most experienced window cleaners are too busy to participate in this forum.

Here is a bit of information for you that if followed will work.

I had success mailing postcards in another business I owned so, after hiring a couple of new employees, decided I needed more business.

I decided to give EDDM a try.

I’ll start by telling you, you must mail to the same areas more than one time not more than 30 days apart for each mailing. Period. Ignore this and you might as well flush your money down the toilet.

Here are the ideas and steps I took:

  1. Location, location, location. There are a few areas in my town that are very high end, all one level homes (I don’t do two level homes) that I mailed to. Also, I mailed to a large high end, active adults, retirement community (Sun City Style).

  2. I mailed the same post card each time I mailed. Nothin’ fancy. Just “I do window cleaning”. (I will attempt to upload a scan of the postcard).
    2022_04_08_08_48_10.pdf (131.2 KB)
    2022_04_08_08_48_45.pdf (146.1 KB)

  3. Due to cost restraints I started with one 1,000 home mailing to the retirement community done several times at 30-day intervals. First mailing I heard crickets. Second mailing got enough jobs to pay for the cost of the second mailing. Third mailing…holy cow, have a few new clients. I think the ROI was 200% or maybe 300%. (Mailing cost with printing was about $350 per mailing).

  4. All after tax profits were reinvested into doing more mailings in other areas (high-end one level homes).

  5. After the first couple of mailings I ended up ordering 5,000 postcards at a time. I did a tsunami of postcard mailing and got a tsunami of new clients back. I did this for a bit more than 6 months.

  6. I got way more than my fair share of customers. Honestly, I have as much work as I need and sell these qualified leads to another local window cleaning company if I’m too busy. I don’t make a killing doing that, but it’s money I don’t have to clean windows to get.

  7. So that’s how I did it. I only mailed to about 4000 homes total, but repeatedly. I hope this helps a newbie to succeed.

Don LoveWindowCleaning.com


Glad you are posting to help others… thank you for your kindness.

Can I return the favor?

On your website you say “We charge $2 to clean the inside of a 4’X4′ window.”
Kind sir, I hope those are not your current prices. That is very, very cheap.

Also it’s nice that you offer a 30 day rain guarantee.
That wouldn’t work in a Florida summer, the only guarantee here is “it will rain” :blush:

Good stuff. I’m gonna do this with your tips in mind when I save up enough for my marketing funds.