Eddm Strategy

Hey guys, I want your opinion on my Eddm marketing campaign I plan on doing after the winter. I have enough money for 10,000 eddm flyers. Here are my options

  1. send to 1,000 people 10x two times a month for 5 months
  2. send to 2,000 people 5x 1 time a month
  3. send to 3,000 people 3x 1 time a month
  4. print 5,000 flyers offering one service and 5,000 offering another and send to 1,000 people 10 times 2 times a month beginning of month send one service end of month send the other.

What do you think would be my best bet. I know more touches is key but is 1,000 people to low of a number?

Honestly, if I was getting ads twice a month for ten months, that’s a guaranteed way to have me not call you. Personal perspective, but that would be really annoying to me.

I’d think somewhere between options 2 and 3. 2,500 is a better number to break down if you’re getting 10,000 sent out.

Say, 2,500 people 1x a month for 4 months? I haven’t used an EDDM before, so someone else chime in. I’m just thinking from the perspective of a homeowner.

10,000 all at the same time. Timing is everything. And so is the right neighborhoods.

When would you consider the “right time”? Right before the beginning of the Spring season?

Yes. and also mailed so they get it on Friday and can look it over during the weekend.

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Doesn’t EDDM usually have better results with more repetition vs one big mailing ?

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That is what the Pros say…

Clever! I’m hoping to make enough this year that I can afford EDDM next year. Doing door hangers for now.

One of the reasons I got into EDDM was because I so hate doing door hangers…just freaking torture for me.
My first EDDM didn’t even have an offer on it, which didn’t dawn on me till some months later. I just wrote stuff about my business and still it paid for itself and more and is still paying because a few of those responses I still service.

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Your thread got me thinking about my own marketing efforts. While the thread below deals with flyers and not eddm, it has some insights I found useful.

My takeaway was to do a smaller number of fliers until you get it dialed in.

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