Michael Mole’s EDDM (Direct Mail) seminar in NOLA really inspired me.

Today, I met with our local USPS bulk mail supervisor, and registerewith a local postal customer council for a seminar next week.

I also created a dry-run 4,800 piece campaign after researching MelissaData and plugging things into the EDDM retail site (I’ve had accounts with these two for a year without doing anything.)

Next step is getting a WCRA template finalized and printed.

Thanks again Michael and WCRA!

Michael did a great job. Wish I was that good in front of a crowd.

Larry, Please let us know how the seminar goes.

dropping of my first eddm mailers today.

my first dm campaign!

Thanks JM. You’re better in-person than I could ever be.

Excited for you Larry.

Cool Brian! How many? WCRA template, or something else?

2500 total
1674 today going to see how they do and see what routes to hit again with the remaining cards. it’s a test not to much out of pocket, it’s mainly a gutter ad since not prime window cleaning time. 8.5 x 11 It’s one I developed with wcra influence

Cool. On 1674 cards if you see 4-8 calls you will be “average” I would think.

Cool, that will turn a profit. Going to a 55+ area home values 450k so hoping the old people don’t want to go up a Ladder

nice combo, 55+ and 450k plus homes