Educating Builders/Customers

How do you go about education customers or builders about fabricating debris. How do you put it in laymen terms, and how do you ensure you get a hearing ear. How do you overcome common objections, or people who say they have no time to hear about such things.

As w/ all things Mike, you can only educate those that are willing to listen.
I use the pdf file from the MWCoA site on FD. I print it out and give the builder a copy. I also give them the link to the different sites that deal w/ FD education (now w/ the excellent job WCR has done w/ their FD page I can give them a one stop location). Then I present the waiver and explain I can’t proceed w/out a signed copy. No waiver, no work.:wink:

There are articles in “The professional Window Cleaner”, the trade publication of the IWCA. I show them to reluctant clients when I present them with a scratch waiver.

I do something very similar. I use the AUWC FD bulletin (2007) as well as the waiver. If they give me the “well, I (or we) don’t sign any waivers” type jargan, I tell them the same as most, “No signed waiver, no work!”. I also tell them to be very careful with anyone that will do it that doesn’t require a waiver and has no insurance.

I usually don’t have any problems with it. Most decent GC’s understand because they have either had problems with scratched glass or bad window cleaners in the past.

Have you reviewed the IWCA Fabricating Debris Talking Points?

Do you really understand the issue? Can you speak confidently?

No, no, and no.

Thanks for the info. I need to educate myself first. Any suggestions would be welcome.

is the MWCoA site on FD available to non-members. If so, could you post the link?

Mike you can see all 3 associations talking points / position on Fab debris @ the bottom of this page:

the MWcoA is definitely the best written, and most professional looking.

How do you know that Fabricating Debris has a [B]unique[/B] sound. Wouldn’t construction debris make a similar sound when being removed by a scraper?

Possibly but only FD makes the sound repeatedly when you go over the same area again.

what if the fabricating debris is removed from the first scrape?

In cases of FD it’s usually so bad that you can’t remove it all o]after several passes. That’s why a scratch removal system isn’t a viable option. You have to many defects that have to be removed before you can undo the damage.

With a lot of new builds or first cleans I will give people the choice. Especially with tints I explain that I use the best techniques and tools however there is always the chance there will be scratching. Often if there is only a small amount of paint they are happy to leave it on. As for some baked on bird **** and bee spots I give them a choice again. It’s risk verses reward and I think the choice should sit with the customer.
I find the scraper doesn’t come out so often when the customer is fully aware of the risk. After all dirt is temporary scratches are often forever and a lot of paint will come of with a fingernail but not all in the same day. Which would you prefer?