Egg on Vinyl siding

Its that time of year again. Mischef night, goosy night… I’m sure its called different names across the country. Either way we always get lots of calls to remove it. Its always a real pain to get off, especially if they let it sit there for a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any good tips to get it off easily? We run cold water machines.

Per Henry Bockman, Henry’s Housework Inc., Germantown, MD (member BOD PWNA): “If your home gets egged this year it’s imperative that you either rinse it off immediately, or contact a pro to power wash the siding with-in 7 days. Even then, it may be too late. Dried egg can damage paint and etch some siding.

A quick look after a search on TGS:
[I]Here’s one I did last week at the lake Mike. The egg stains have been there since Halloween '06.

Regular House wash didn’t work so well until I did a half and half mix with 12% and a little extra prosource soap, longer dwell time obviously, and 1 re-apply. Stucco finish!!! Almost broke out a scoop of hydroxide, but better judgement warned me internally. Make it stronger and let it dwell. No shadows.[/I]
I just had some egg yesterday on a vinyl house. I use a sodium metasilacte cleaner for siding and butyl for the gutters. Whatever the house wash dosn’t get off I scrub with the butyl. It worked great for the egg. Had one stubborn spot that would not come off and kud krutter did the trick.

Wow Larry thanks… thats great info.