Electric scooter for door hangers

So I bought about 1000 door hangers for seasonal promotions, and I don’t wanna hire multiple people to distribute them. I’m thinking that purchasing a gas/battery powered scooter would help me distribute them about three times faster. Has anyone tried this method, and if so which brand of scooter did you decide to use?

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I have not, but I love the idea! I have driving to every house, and I hate how slow parking and walking is. Loading and unloading a bicycle isn’t much better. You, sir may have found the perfect solution.

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Seriously, great idea but just be safe.

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We’ve used various cargo bikes for years and now I’ve completely replaced my vehicle for my business, including for all marketing runs, with bikes and ebikes.

It’s even led to a side business www.phattycycles.com

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I don’t get it. Drive to a neighborhood or downtown store front area, park and “walk your beat” until your door hangers are distributed. Park again 3 blocks down the road and do it again - same with a van, car, motorcycle, scooter, bike?

That works too of course. It’s just with a light duty two wheeler I have it with me the entire time. Saves time in traffic, time and money parking, money for fuel and wear and tear. Also, it is much better for your health.

I go 60 miles on 18 cents of electricity and can travel through my service area at twice the average speed of driving. I once read that the average speed of traffic in my city is less than 12 mph. That’s really boring LOL

If course, this doesn’t work everywhere and driving is obviously more practical for many window cleaners.


yep, I just envision it as bike to an address, get off bike, walk up to address, walk back to bike, pull up to next address. That is why I park, do several blocks at a time and circle back, then drive to the next section and repeat.

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Mini segway… gets attention too

I’ve been doing the electric scooter door hanger method for over a year now, it’s how I get most of my clients.

I have an Ecoreco S5 Scooter I bought for $500 off ebay, it’s been worth every penny. I can pass out 3X to 4X times the amount of door hangers with it than by foot by the time the battery starts to die.

At the end of the day after passing out 200 to 300 hangers i’m way less exhausted because I didn’t do all that walking.

With the scooter i’m also able to hit up long driveways to big homes and leave hangers, driveways that take up alot of time and energy if going by foot.

And finally, one of the best benefits of the scooter, is you can drop the hanger and disappear off the property in seconds, before someone comes out and asks who you are and what you’re doing.

Sounds straight up professional to me. You should mass market that idea.

Montreal is a beast for traffic, especially Downtown. I want to try it in Las Vegas but we have a great highway system.

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