Elevated Window Without Direct Access

Hey everyone,
I am faced with the need to clean a window that is elevated (will be using poles) and I dont have direct access underneath it. Around 5 meters high and I can stand 1 meter aside. Can I manage with an Ettore back flip? or should I use an Ettore Pro super system/ Ettore steel rotable?

I would suggest a moerman excelerator handle and liquidator channel with the Fliq pad or a Wagtail handle.

Thanks. That is quite smart. I havent seem that before. What about quality of Moerman tools? Rubber for example? Asking it because I live in Denmark and here the weather is quite mild (not warmer than 60°).

I believe @Trad-Man weather is similar to yours, maybe he can chime in on the best rubber for your climate.

I like ettore rubber in the liquidators channels.

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Ettore master soft, best rubber ive used. I live in Scotland so not warm here lol


Thank you very much!
I also saw your (tradmam) videos about it. I am pretty. Convinced now.

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So pretty :heart_eyes: