Email Marketing

What form of contact have you been using to contact repeat clients? If 40% are saying sure that cant be to bad if thats actually 40% of your data base.

I can usually book 60% for a Fall cleaning. A 20% swing is a lot.

This last couple of days I`ve been phoning the clients who havent booked in yet, and who hadn’t responded to my mailings/emails re: the iMac contest.

I’ve had some excellent results with this final prong in the 3-prong approach.

Lots of bookings with the phone follow up. Still a few days left, too…

I guess what that has taught me is the importance of getting in their face about it, so that they remember this is a valuable service to invest in.

Okay - so the iMac promo is over and the draw is coming up in a couple of days.

Total numbers:

Printing & mailing costs: $250
iMac purchase cost: $1,400

I also spent time developing and designing the letters, postcards, addressing them, stamping them, making the webpages, etc, and all that cost me time, but not money. Many, many hours.

Total value of residential work booked during the 24 day promotion : $11,723.00

Of course, its hard to say with certainty how many would have booked in ANYWAY, even if I didnt have the contest, but since that is a theoretical number, I wont factor it in.

Overall, I’m a little disappointed in the response, but I blame our ‘late’ Fall weather partially, since the leaves have only started to fall up here in the last 5 days. Until then, everyone thought it was still summer, and its felt like summer too.

At the end of the day, though, I’m still happy with the 700% ROI, and I’ve learned some important lessons.

When I designed this promotion, I was counting on tapping into its long-term value. Photos of me handing the new iMac to the winner, an article in our monthly email and newsletter, future references to the promotion, and all the stories and excitement generated by the winner, telling all of their friends, and showing all of them their wicked cool new iMac for the next few years that they WON from their WINDOW CLEANER!

That will be the real payoff, I hope, anyway.

700% ROI Nice … I think you had a really great idea with the imac. I also believe you are correct about the long term value. You can use smiling photos of yourself handing over that big shiny white imac box for years. You could also probably very easily press release it. Good luck with it! Ive attached our most recent email promotion we are doing about 3 a month now to existing customers.halloween.pdf (68.5 KB)

I am glad to see to see that it turned out well.

It would drive me nuts not to know how many I could have got to schedule easily and next to 0 cost. (I am a little freaky that way)

One thing, you made it fun for some people. Capture all of that and quotes from the winner. You may not ever do it again, but you can use that for a long time to come.

I do love that you are always trying to raise the bar… some of us just go to the bar :slight_smile:

Thx man. I think this promo will do well for us for a while.

Anywho, we’ve drawn the winner! Check out the “drawing video” :