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[FONT=Tahoma]For those that found this site by receiving an email … It was created by a program called Constant Contact. I discovered this program about a year ago when I was searching out a cheap and affordable way to Market to My existing customer base. I was blown away at how affordable it was ( $30 a month ), and how well it works. We sat down and created 12 different promotions, 1 per month . Theme based on the season. We have there contact box hooked up on our website , people just bang in there info and they are automatically added to the mailing list. This has been hands down our best ROI for generating NEW work from OLD customers. [/FONT]

Tell me more I am looking for ways to increase sale by 20% in 2008.

Well this is there site
For me its been all about increasing sales by getting more $ from existing customers that are already thrilled with your work.

Check out there site there is a quick little tour you can take, that breaks it down for you. Its very simple to use. You just need to find away to get your customers to start forking over there email adds. Even if your not ready to market by email, plan ahead and start asking for the addresses today. Build a little data base of them. Then when your ready there all there waiting for you.

The one I use is similar, and also very useful and versatile.

Also $30/mth

Free trial.

I use that one too

Can you send us a link to a recent campaign?

I will if you do!!

Share and share alike, right? I hope we can share a little more ‘insider stuff’ on this forum versus the ‘other one’…

Okay - I’ll start - here’s a recent one from me:

Who’s gonna share next?

Wow I cant believe you give away on imac. Thats awesome. I will try to get mine up in a bit.

As a customer I would be skeptical at the 1 hour time limit to return your call or e-mail. To me that makes it look fishy. Why the 1 hour time limit?

Otherwise a killer promo.


Interesting observation. I guess I just wanted the hoopla to begin, and not have the thing drag out for SOOO long.

I never thought it sounded fishy.

Would 3 hours be better? Or 24 hours? What’s your gut feeling?


Well in my mind, if they are a home owner and they win - they win. They may be out of town or something, but they should still get the prize. Unless you want to do a “must be present to win” thing.

I just don’t understand the time limit. Draw three names in order and then contact the winner. If they don’t claim in X amount of days and do the photo op, etc… move on to name number two, and so on.

That’s my suggestion but keep in mind I have never done this kind of thing, so I might be way off base.

I can tell you a problem I see… it is too good. That’s right, too good

This givaway amazingly would not interest me. I get emails giving away ipods and crap all the time, nothing new. I think you need to look at what they would really want, not what your percieved value of the item is.

It is an odd giveaway for this type of service. I admire greatly your out of the box thinking, but… I don’t know. My gut feeling would be more of a “huh?” rather than a “wow!”

Let us know how it does.

p.s. I did a ipod “referral” contest a while back and not one of my customers bit. I did get referrals, but none from this giveaway.

I tried to think about what my ‘target’ demographic would want in terms of a cool prize, and came up with the iMac thing.

I’ll definitely let you know how it all ends up. I’ve had a series of direct-mail mailings, email marketing, and phone calls worked in for this promotion.

So far, lots of good comments. No doubt, after I actually GIVE IT AWAY and post some photographs, existing and prospective clients will figure out that I am for real with all this…

I still have a few days left…

Any ideas for how to actually conduct the ‘live’ contest draw?

Maybe do you work out of a shop or your home? If you work out of a shop in town… Have it there. Do your rules state"must be present to win"?

Just out of curiosity, how did you decide on the imac?

That would take some serious research for me to go with that high end of a “prize”. I would need to research how many of my prospects prefer Apple to a pc. A lot of people hate Macs.

I think you could spend half as much and get a lot better response. (however, maybe you are onto something)

It is a shock and awe contest, no doubt. I would think that you would not need to have such a contest to get customers you already have to book a cleaning. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper to hire someone to call all of your clients and book. Toss in a little freebie if they book and you could possibly have a far better response than this.

They either want them cleaned or not. A 1 in 19 chance on getting the item (thats if they believe the contest is real) likely will not be enough to push the ones that would not book if asked otherwise.

If it works, please let us know!

I just noticed, the contest is almost over. You should already know if it was successful. How is it as of today? Did the ROI work out for you?

The official ‘extended’ deadline is Monday, Oct 29th, so we’re getting close, for sure, yeah. I have mixed emotions, too, about this contest’s effectiveness so far.

As far as the iMac vs PC thing, most ‘cool’ people over in these parts are definitely drooling over the Macs, and its a bit of a trendy toy to have for your family, especially among the higher-income clients. They are all Mac lovers.

The richest clients dont care about this contest, because they already have these computers, one per kid. So I may have to refocus on developing a prize that has some real scarcity and excitement to it for this people. I have some secret ideas cooking for that.

As far as the “they will re-book anyway” thing, I’ve found in the last couple of years that several of my Spring clients dont bother with the Fall eaves cleaning or window cleaning, and it was these people that I am especially trying to motivate. My Spring is easily TWICE as big as my Fall, and I’m trying to even things out a bit. Problem is, almost all of the trees here still have ALL of their leaves, so it doesn’t even feel like Autumn, even though November’s banging down the door.

I think that this has hurt my promotion a bit.

Anyways, I’ll let you know how it all works out after the 29th. We’ll see…I may have gone too big on this one. I wanted to make an impression, but maybe you hit the nail on the head - maybe it does seem ‘too good to be true’…although, ironically - its quite real, and someone’s gonna win it.

Chris: I run the business out of my home, so I can’t really do the drawing here. I’ve been investigating some kind of “live” online tool. Video streaming or something like that. I guess I could also host a little ‘event’ somewhere interesting, where I announce the winner, and people can come eat a burger for free, or something, too, but I probably should have planned that out better from the start.

Its amazing how a good idea can become quite a long to-do list when you execute it.

ROI : pending.

Umm if the majority of the people have Macs… maybe you could hold an ichat conference. You could announce the winner via there new mac… but then it wouldn’t be NEW anymore if you unboxed it. You should check out webex I think they give a free trial on that.

It has been tough this Fall for booking my clients also. I am at like 60% saying “no, we are going to wait until Spring” Thankfully I have been getting a decent amount of new clients, but still…