Email or Letter?

I couldn’t help but notice how dirty the windows were on a mid-rise building here in town. When I inquired from a business inside who cleaned the windows they said they weren’t sure but that they were supposed to be cleaned every year. They told me who owns the building and I ‘googled’ the name and found a website with an email address for contact. How should I go about requesting to put in a bid for the window cleaning? Should I just send over an email requesting this, or would it be more professional to write a letter the old fashioned way? I only have business cards and a website, no fancy brochures or anything. If I got the bid I would plan on renting a lift and doing it off the lift. Any suggestions would help! Thanks!!!

Attn: Facilities Mgr

although they will probably tell you, “they aren’t dirty yet”

your battle is against “a budget fighting for zero”

commercial as a whole is pretty much looking for a price equal to “wages” (30% of retail price/sustainable business)

I would give them a call and let them know you would like to be put on there vendor list. Follow up with an email and even a letter… hit them from all fronts.

If you go inside the building and look in the elevator if they have one there is usually a little listing of who the property mgmt company is.

Do both! Then when you’re finished with that find a third way to reach out to them.

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