Email Templates

I am happy to announce that we have finally added pre tested email templates to the line up of WCRA marketing resources.

Members can pick them up free of charge right here:


Thats perfect since I just moved all my customers from I-Contact to MailChimp


Randy how many contacts do you have?

Mail chimp typically forces you to have some sort of header to get around that we put a very thin 1 pixel height white strip in its place so you never know its there.

Hey Chriis,

I just started collecting e-mail addresses last year. I have about 300. Thanks for the tip.

Great add WCR

Just used one of those templates for a facebook post and a Craig’s List ad. I sure like my WCRA membership.

I just finished putting together a 7 week MailChimp marketing campaign for GutterStuff Foam gutter protection. It was actually pretty easy and I must say fun to put together. I used their templates and some pictures I received from the manufacturer. I think this will fill in the slow spots and help me to move to a new yearly sales record. It starts Monday and goes out once per week. No repeats. Each of the first five feature one of the available products, starting with the top of the line. The sixth one covers all 5 products in a simple review and the 7th offers 10% off for those who have just been holding out and need a discount to buy.

I thought the repetition would keep the idea in their mind while featuring all 5 product options. I have already installed two this month and have a big third install next week. I also have 4-6 in the decision pipeline with more to come with the e-mail campaign.

I am thinking of matching it with a postcard campaign for those customers whose e-mails I do not have.

Nice let us know how they go… These templates have brought us so much work this fall… I hope everyone takes advantage of them.

What’s your method of converting the psd template into html for mail chimp?

Chris can we get a company info, Reference and thank you template? What other email templates would you like chris to have make?

You actually don’t need to convert it into html for MailChimp. You can just save the PSD file as a jpeg, upload it as an image on a blank template, link that image to your website and you’re done.

Smile Chris

Yea I think we can do that

How about a new service added announcement, we have a few slots open this week announcement, reminder you appointment is this week, we will be in your neighborhood next week. just a few quick ideas.

I see! Thanks a bunch!