Emailing Proposals

I was contacted yesterday about giving an estimate on the house in the picture. The home owner provided me with her email address when I asked for it, because she mentioned that she wouldn’t be home. This is what I emailed her. I feel good about it. What do you think? Good? Room for strengthening?

The email had a better picture quality.

Nicely done Stud! Looks very nice:D

Nice job. I email quotes to clients often and have THOUGHT about attaching pictures, but there never seems to be the time. I am impressed.

A step above, Brennon!

Great job, man.

TONS of positives!

No doubt 10 times better than what your local competitors would create and provide…

For the next one, try adding these

[INDENT][I]1. Client name & contact information
2. Specific address of property under discussion
3. Unique estimate URL
4. Deadline for pricing
5. Special early bird bonus
6. Special referral incentive
7. Testimonials
8. Your smiling face!
9. Your flexible payment options
That’s pretty awesome, though, no matter how you slice it. Great job.

Beautiful example of how an estimate should be constructed to be a powerful marketing tool, not simply numbers on paper.

Don’t forget to throw one in the mail for them too, tomorrow, even though they requested an email version, and print it on nice paper, not the cheap stuff.

Thanks Kevin. I should have come up with 5 of the 9.

Nah - as I said, what you have is 10 times better than what I’ve ever seen presented. You did great!

You haven’t even started full-time, and your estimates are already the best in OHIO

(no offense to other OHIO window cleaners…)

Friday at 10:00 I have my exit interview with my current company. After that…FREEDOM!

First off, I love the concept (reminds me a lot of Kevin’s stuff) You will surely stick out.

You will also keep getting it more and more fine tuned as you go. I have no additional suggestions, but adding your mug to it would give it some personalization.

People love that, trust me. You will be walking around in their home… that is personal.

I agree that adding a personal touch will go a long way. But the proposal sheet is super sharp, especially for your first go around. Good luck working for yourself, I’m sure you’ll find success.

Very Nice email proposal!

also as a side note, welcome to yet another Canadian Window Cleaner to the forum! (Rileyswc)

Good job on the proposal. I’m new to the site and have been really enjoying the perspectives that everyone gives. I am just starting out; I’m still in the process of getting all my marketing material together… so all of the ideas have been beneficial for me. Once again, great job on this piece. I’m looking forward to the day when I have my “exit interview!” Take care.


I email more estimates than I deliver or snail mail these days. it’s all part of the Internet revolution. I work up the estimate in MS Word, and then convert it to a PDF file.

I don’t use pictures. (GREAT TOUCH!), but I send the Estimate, Terms & Conditions, and Scratched Glass Waiver to every client.

They can sign & FAX back, or if they are very PC savvy, e-sign & email back to me.

Have you ever had an issue with someone not being able to open the PDF? The one that I posted here the woman couldn’t open because she uses AOL mail. I never thought it’d be a problem because the picture was a jpeg. I found this site that will convert word docs to PDFs for FREE!

Great heads up Brennon!

I have my wife do it from work… until now.

If AOL won’t allow her to view jpegs, it certainly won’t let her view PDF. AOL might have blocked the images or her settings are to block images. Most often it’s the ignorance of the end user when these things don’t work.

If you own a Mac you can save any document from any program to a PDF. It’s an option in the ‘print dialog box’. Other wise get a PC (free) version of conversion software.

As someone else mentioned, you can follow up with a snail mail version.

90% of the quotes I’ve done so far are face to face. I prefer it that way. They get to see me and get a feel for what kind of individual I am. I can go over servicing details and repeat them if I sense hesitation. Out of the quotes that I don’t get, it’s usually from ones I’ve left in the mail box or e-mailed and I usually hear from them that they got a better price from some other company. (true or not)

I figured it was because the picture wasn’t a file, but was in the body of the email. The PDF will be attached to the email, correct?

I also sell face to face (or mouth to ear via the phone)

I close it then and there… it is different with commercial as they will get more bids.

That is why it is so important to have a offer they can’t refuse. I got 1 call last year where I went head to head with another company… I lost and I am still ticked :slight_smile:

p.s. I am not advising anyone to do things my way. Do whatever works for you.

Even when the pic is in the body of the e-mail it is an attachment. She probably has the file, it just didn’t display. Like when I check my e-mail with my web browser, no images appear, even logos and stuff. But when I check using an actual e-mail program all the images are displayed. Either way you usually have the option to save or open the attachments. Like I said, it’s usually the end user not being ignorant to the technology.

got cha. Thanks