Employee being careless, leaving streaks. How to correct?

I have an employee that has been around for 16 years with my business. 14 under my father and now two under me. He gets careless and doesn’t check his work and goes to fast leaving streaks sometimes. What can i do to get him back in check? He has been around for 16 years so he thinks he knows it all. This one house he did I told him to do an extra good job because it is the house of my fiance’s employer. The windows were all streaked up after telling him ahead of time. What else can I do? Thanks

Do you pay him for callbacks? Don’t.

That works until they complain to the labor board. Then you have a problem.

If you are paying commission that shouldn’t be a problem. If you tell him you want a certain result he doesn’t get paid until he delivers.

First off you have to tell him that you are not happy with his work!!
It doesn’t matter how long he has been with the company he needs to tighten up or get out. He should be a leader not a slacker if he has worked for you guys that long. Maybe you should show him is replaceable and give him a few days off and work someone else if he doesn’t straighten up. He also might be a little resentful that he is working for you and you’re not working for him.

Give him a checklist he has to sign off on. If he signs off on the work and there is a problem – suspend him. Second time, let him go.

If he has an “I don’t care” kind of attitude – let him go immediately.

Your name is on the door, it’s your company, your reputation. Carelessness is a form of disrespect. Let him be careless somewhere else.

Simple solution… (only works if you pay commission)

What you do is institute a new policy. Any call backs that come in automatically get assigned to a different crew to go and touch up. That other crew automatically gets half the commission from the crew that originally did the job.

Works like a charm.