Employee Job Description

Do any of you have a written job description/duties given to your employees when you take them on?

We are in the process of taking on employees and do not have one written up. We will do windows, gutters, pressure washing etc. If any of you have forms/job descriptions for these would you please email it to me.

I’ll take any and all to see what may work best with our company!

My email is: [email protected]

Much Appreciated! Thanks!

I usually have a sheet i go by during the interview process that describes everything that they’re required to do,I try to be as thorough as possible so they know whats expected. i cover dress code/pay day/raises/how weather affects jobs, etc, but its not a sheet i give to them. But that seems like a good idea actually, they know exactly what you hired them for and its in writing.

Unfortunately, when I had my construction company, I spent some time before the labor board and have some advise for you to avoid some of the challenges that I have had.

No matter what job description you use, at the bottom of the description, put the words “And other related duties”.

Give them a copy of the job description along with any other paperwork that you give them when they are hired and have them sign a form stating that they have received and understand everything that they have received.

A little planning today will save you headaches tomorrow.

Good advice.
A poorly written handbook or company policy manual can actually hurt you in court. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of my brother-in-laws handbook from his company to go off of. He works for a major corporation and is head of HR.

Every military/government job I have had, had this at the bottom of the sheet when taking a new postion or promotion. Even when I was promoted in military rank it stated “And other duites assigned” on the requirements of the rank. Basicly means they do whatever you ask them to do as long as it does not place them in unnecessary risk or break the law. We (military friends) would mumble this to each other when we had to do crappy work, like clean toilets lol.