Employee Manual

I’m in the process of putting together my employee manual. Would anyone be willing to share their document in electronic form? We could email them back and forth I guess, right? If you are interested I will share mine, as well. Let me know.
Ed Kuvlesky
[email protected]



Ed I am also emailing you our full Tech manual now. Its to big to post up here.

apparently its to big to email you as well… it got kicked back… Ill try to work something out.

Ok you should have 3 separate email with 3 separate manuals.

Who wrote the manual for you guys Chris?
I can’t imagine such a manual.

Do you get them made up by a professional or write them yourselves.

The first page of the manuel should say:

[SIZE=“4”]“Don’t think about messing with this company in any shape or form or you WILL find yourself in a court room paying HUGE fines and having a criminal record that will make it even harder to work anywhere”[/SIZE]


I wrote the manual.

I also found things I liked others were using, and borrowed. (With permission )

It is a 5-6 year work in progress. I plan to completely revamp it for 2009… I have a lot of ideas brewing about it. I want to try and revamp into a mini guide book that is often referenced.

Hey, mimicking is the ultimate form of flattery

Thanks very much I appreciate the leg up.

got two thanks