Employee tardiness

I have been working hard trying to get all of our technicians to be on time for their first job at 8 AM. However there is usually several instances of late arrivals each week. I have tried taking away bonuses on account of tardiness, and I have even offered an Amazon gift card as a reward if an employee is on time every day for a month. But nothing has worked. Do any of you guys have a good idea of how to motivate employees to be on time?

I’m thinking the same but then i remember I’m not the most punctual guy :confused:
Maybe a half hour window would work but then it just makes it a dash for the last minute anyway…

Idk if you have any “preferred” locations or any customer who ALWAYS tips. If so, give those to the punctual guys and show them you appriciate them being on time

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Yes I have a good way to handle tardiness…

Don’t tolerate it, make sure it’s in the employee handbook, write them up and give a warning.


Never let an employee (s) hold you hostage. Put it in policy: one warning, write up, gone. Lots of people need jobs out there.

With that being said, before they leave each day check in with them and makes sure they are set up/ready to start next day.


most likely its one employee whose behind this. he will be encouraging the others to slack ,to muddy the waters. he knows that you cant sack all the latecomers so he can carry on “getting one over you”. it should be obvious to you which one it is,its the one who plays mind games/asks for a sub of wages/moans generally and often pulls the victim card. with some thought you should be able to arrange his exit within the month. you Must get rid

after hes gone youll notice an immediate improvement from the rest, its like a thorn has been removed from your business


Good employees want to be punctual. Bad employees don’t care. Get rid of the bad employees.
If they are sloppy when you have full visibility they are probably even more sloppy when you can’t see the quality of their work.


2 lates in a rolling 30 days and you’re fired . Tell employee appointment is at 8, and tell client 8-8:30. When they see you mean business , they’ll get the point .

Also , people who are always late will be late no matter what time you tell them either 8 or 830


Amazing summation of my experience with sub-par employees and fellow workers.

I agree with everyone here, the sooner you cut heads the better. Don’t get weak about it and let them come back after a week, that’s worse than letting them stick around.

Remind them, it’s not you that fired them…you made the rules and they decided to go against them…they fired themselves.
It’s the 80/20 rules, in this case it only takes 20% of your employees to bring the other 80% down.

In fact, I’d make up their final check and let them go today…and if you can afford it I’d would write up a ‘Thank You Check’ and hand them out to the remaining employees.


I use to clean for a car dealership. We showed up before they opened and the owner would show up with hot coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts for all his sales guys just the way they liked it.

He told me that handing a guy his cold cup of coffee gets the point across that he’s late and the boss knows it. He didn’t have to say a word. :sunglasses:


We just fired a guy today, because he texted he wouldn’t be able to show up 20 minutes before our first job. He mentioned in the text someone needed his help. It ended up being his grandfather is putting a major fight going to a nursing home. Maybe if he had called in to fully explain we would have gave him another chance. It was going to be his second day on the job.


Sometimes employees tells lies. Not sure if he did but it sounds like one to me.

I use to always fire people for lying. If you can’t be trusted to tell the truth then you can’t be trusted. Is that legal now?

Never asked for an excuse and wouldn’t listen to one because reliable employees didn’t need an excuse and unreliable people always had to many.


I agree with mike. I rather you tell the truth and have it be “i over slept” than lie about someone dying or car issues etc


If they are late send them home with no pay. They won’t show up late again.

I had to do it to a new guy this year. He seemed to have a decent excuse the first 2 times. Third time I blindsided him and told him stay home. Not another late arrival in past 2 months.