Equipment for Awning Cleaning

What equipment do I need to properly clean awning… Or is a simple power washer enough? I don’t want to damage the fabric. Thank you in advance…

Your best bet is to not use a power washer at all on awnings. I use an awning cleaner that is specific for the type of awning. You can get it here or other web-based sales houses. I also use a brush on a pole and a water hose to rinse. Do a google search for awning cleaning. Wayne Shockey in Ft. Worth, Texas has some good Youtube videos.

The process I use is very similar to gutter whitening. Dip the brush in solution (or apply solution with sprayer), agitate with as little force as sufficient to clean the awning, and rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse.

There are plenty of sources of awning cleaning info on the web for the beginer.

Good Luck!

Good advice Bert! Wayne is the expert when it comes to cleaning awnings. Can’t wait for him to respond.

We have used a small tucker pole in the past. It isnt the best for cleaning already nasty awnings but it maintains them well.

Hi James21,

I’ve been cleaning awnings most every day for the past 15 years and tried every way I can think of to clean them.

The simplest equipment is a water hose, a soft brush, extension pole and some awning cleaner.

Here are a few videos I did on Youtube a few months ago for my awning cleaning training classes that talk a little about the tools and equipment I use:

[ame=“Awning Cleaning Tools and Tips - YouTube”]Awning Cleaning Tools and Tips - YouTube

[ame=“Awning Cleaning - Dallas Fort Worth TX 817-577-9454 tools used - YouTube”]Awning Cleaning - Dallas Fort Worth TX 817-577-9454 tools used - YouTube

You can buy Awning Cleaning chemicals and supplies from Chris and Alex at Window Cleaning Resource.

I hope this information is helpful.