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I have searched the forum for estimate forms and found a couple that would work for me but several are in a format that I cannot alter for my logo and such. Does anyone have an estimate form that I can use to add my logo, address and everything and maybe even change the services provided. Looking for a generic type estimate that I can customize with Word or basic software. I don’t have any special software or knowledge how to use them.

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Phil, what’s up bud?
Do you have a smart phone? If you do I just came across an app that works great! All from your phone. You put your info in once and logo them you can do estimatea and invoices then email them!


Hey Jeremiah,
Yeah I have an iphone. Never thought of that. I still forget that it’ll do so much. Do you recall what it’s called? I can search estimate apps I guess.


Let me look and see hold on…

“Invoice2Go lite” I just got it over the weekend. The lite version Has limited color schemes but I think I found one that will work well.
I have had est. sheets printed with two copies for yrs. But I can just use this for my email clients instead of writing it all out then turning that into a PDF. I plan on just emailing myself a copy I can print off in the office and throw it in the right file.

Let me know what you think?

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

invoice2go lite is ok … but it wont let you do all that much. Just buy the app. the app is awesome. You can put all kinds of things in it such as prices for specific customers or just put in items and you can put a price in it for different customers as you go.
The thing i like best about it is that it shows you what you have brought in in each quarter which shows in a graph also.
Even shows you the highest paying job you have done. It takes time to put all of the items in but once it is done you will fly through each invoice.
I have it on my Ipad and it works flawless. You can even run it on your home computer and it will update onto your ipad / Iphone as long as you have it plugged in with the cable.
I do not know what the price of it is now but i know it is lower than when i bought it.
Putting in your own logo is easy … There is even a window cleaning logo in the app you can use. Even move it around. Different color of invoices.
There are other apps out there but this one is the best … Well the best one that works for me.

The full app is $9.99 now. But that sounds cheap if it does all you say. I have been using a very generic form I found online that does not look professional and was made by a carpet cleaner friend of mine. I would have to make some major changes or re-write it for they way I want in to look. I like the fact that the iphone or ipad (don’t have that yet) is easy to carry and I don’t have to worry that I ran out and forgot to put them in my clip board.

Hi everyone I just started my own window cleaning Co. I was wondering what’s the best way to approach storefront business owners. I am only doing small one to two story jobs. I just formed my LLC, got my business license and I’m insured. The only thing left now is getting out there and selling jobs.

Check out the Construction Cost Estimator app. You can create your own categories such as window washing, etc. It works with the iPhone, iPad, Mac and more. You can put in your logo and information as well as the customers information. You can take a picture of the house or property and email a copy of the estimate which is in PDF format. And there is a whole lot more. I was very brief about its capabilities. I love it and customers comment on the professional look.

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Thanks for the response, but that was posted in 2011. I’m good now. lol

you sure Phil…

Do you feel like this is as good as/better than Pro Posal?

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I don’t know much about Pro Posal but I really like Construction Cost Estimator. Here is a link to it:

Construction Cost Estimator App for iPad, iPhone, and Mac

Joist is cool… And free

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