Estimate in time and money

Hi guys, any advice in how long and how much to clean a 70 story building not but glass 3 guys around 170 windows per floor?

Not to be a jerk but if you can’t answer that, you maybe shouldn’t tackle such a project


right you should never do anything you haven’t done in the past lol :crazy_face:

no idea i am res

No offense man, but it sounds like you are biting off more than you can chew


Don’t be a dope

70 stories and he can’t bid it properly without help? Even if I knew I wouldn’t tell him. Why put someone in harms way

this was his first post, you assume he knows nothing how do you know he doesn’t have 20 years exp in high rise but is new to being on his own and doesn’t know pricing for that size building. i don’t really care but i went on my own after 1 year of work with a company that would not allow me to see a price list. i knew how to clean residential windows but know idea how to price especially larger homes.

Point taken

Best advice is to figure your cost if you have a boom lift? Then try and figure out how many days the job will take. Dont go and count 70 stories of panes or guess exact man hours. Try and nail it down to a day. So for example, my lift rentle is 3 k and the job will take 7 days and I want a thousand bucks a day then you would go 7 k plus 3 k plus your ro and resin cost and boom there is your price. These are made up numbers and obviously 10k is low but that’s how to do it.

Hey guys, I have a rainbow unicorn to wash. How much would you charge?

Get real man, he is not talking about a house. He is talking about a 70 STORY BUILDING. I know it’s just a troll post, but you not knowing how to price a house is totally different.

I just need a second opinion I come from the South where everything is cheaper!

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Understandable, that is way to big to provide a number without seeing in person. Not being rude but did you think you were going to ask that question and have a bunch of a spit out a dollar amount it’s a 70 story building, we can’t tell you a cost from our phones

There are a lot of variables in doing hi rise work most charge by the drop are you using chairs or scaffolding?We have several people in this group that are experienced in hI rise maybe they will comment

Thanks, I asked here because wanted a second opinion, I have over 19 years of experience but in the south where prices are lower, and here I met a couple of guys fast, my question is regarding time they said can do chair work 3 drops 3 windows each a day? Is wow!!!
What do yoy think? Not but glass and windy and might run out of water?

I am not a high rise guy but it would seem to me that you should know what kind of time frame you need to do set up and drops on a 70 story building, what kind of labor and equipment needs you would have to have, what your insurance costs would be, then how much money you need to cover costs and payroll, etc. 19 years experience you should be able to estimate labor cost and profit.

That is all cover! Again just wondering a second opiy! Thanks for nothing

Quite welcome, glad to have helped.