Estimate Sheet

Courtesy of Freddie Martinez III

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That’s a very detailed estimate sheet. Covering all the bases. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

that is very detailed…nice job!

I don’t know if you use that form over the phone or not, but we have a slightly more simplified form that we end up using as the customer’s “profile” in their folder (we scan them in too for a digital file folder), but it’s been great for covering all of our bases over the phone, getting them an estimate-- and they know up front that the bid is only as good as the information they give us. Customers have seemed to really enjoy getting a bid within a few minutes of getting us on the phone… If this adds to what you’re already doing feel free to use it. If not, you definitely have a great thing going with this estimate sheet.

As a side note: I like to fill this form out in its entirety when we get to the job, just for the sake of letting the customer know what everything would cost in the event that they want to take us up on other services, not to mention that when they do call in to schedule in the future we can give them an exact cost on services that we have never completed for them before… that’s proven to be very handy.BidForm.doc (579 KB)